Beauty Product Reviews

Great colour but smudges

I decided to try liquid eyeliner again after years of only using gel and pencils and after reading other reviews this one seemed like a good product to try. I tried it both with and without eye primer and both times I had the same results. After less than an hour it had transfered to the top of my eye and was whenever I would blink the top of my eyelid would stick to the eyeliner (not very comfortable, more so annoying) even after letting the product dry for a little over a minute (i even put a costing of black eyeshadow on top and it didn't help). The next time I tried it I used it on top of eyeshadow and there was a huge difference! Stayed put for the whole day with 0 transfer or smudging! Lovely colour and super easy to use. I will continue using paired with eyeshadow but not by itself.