Beauty Product Reviews

Nice Collection

I love Jeffree's liquid lip collection. If you follow the directions of exfoliating lips prior to application and avoiding oily foods, you are good to go. I also learned that you shouldn't just avoid oily foods, you should avoid wax like liquid moisturizers like chapstick. The formula goes on so smoothly except for the purple shade which I think is actually called You.Better.Work. I love me a purple or any dark vampy colors (husband hates them, oh well, too bad for him, LOL) Anyway, I feel darker colored liquid lippies can be patchy across companies. So I guess darker colors are hard to make. I first rated this 4 stars because of the Venus Fly Trap, I can't pull that off, no matter how hard I try. I haven't tried it as an eyeliner yet or for a cut crease look. But I decided to give it 5 stars because the crazy color is just Jeffree being Jeffree!

As far as shipping, it was lightning fast as always. I ordered it in the afternoon and it arrived at my door the next day. I was shocked because I live on the east coast. Love me some Beautylish and love me some J.S. liquid lippies!

Formula can't be beat!

First of all, I was literally sitting at my computer watching the countdown to make sure I got them as soon as they went on sale. For some reason I thought they would sell out soon, but they didn't. Anyway, I always chose to purchase my Jeffree Star products from Beautylish because you receive your items so much faster than from the J.S. site.

Ok, now for the actual product review. I didn't purchase them strictly for the mini size. I was excited for a collection of nude like colors that I can wear to work, and I didn't have any of these colors in my current colors. I always pack whatever lip item I chose to wear that day in my bag for retouches during the day. However now, I'll chose 2-3 of these to just carry with me all the time and can use these when my lipstick wears off. I don't have to worry about packing anything in the morning and if I forget, no worries, I'll have a back up.

I don't care what people's personal opinions are about Jeffree Star but his Liquid Lip formula CANNOT be beat. I wore a liquid lip from another company's collab yesterday and it was very patchy and felt very sticky on my lips about midday. Now, granted it's a darker purple like color and sometimes those colors are patchy across companies for some reason. But Jeffree's liquid lips go on so smoothly and feel so light, I forget sometimes I'm wearing anything on my lips. It is transfer proof and lasts a long time. I have realized that it's best that you exfoliate your lips first and don't apply any wax time lip products before hand. If you follow those directions, you get a beautiful finish.

Thank you Beautylish for your lightning fast shipping and the care you put into shipping every product.