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Beauty Product Reviews

Excellent palette

This palette is the best quality eyeshadow I’ve ever used. The shimmers are so buttery and smooth- and a little goes a LONG way. They apply well with brush or with fingers. The mattes they are highly pigmented and a single light tap of the brush will get the job done so you don’t really have to build 1 shade up, just move on to the next color to add depth. I’ll also say I’m pretty impressed with the lightest matte shade, it is highly pigmented just the same and I feel like that’s hard to come by with those light matte shades. I wear my makeup for 10+ hours per day and I don’t notice any fading or creasing of the shadow by the end of the day. I’m not one to splurge and indulge in extremely pricey products, but I honestly feel no guilt or buyers remorse with this one. I’ve tried several ‘high end’ brands such as Lorac, urban decay & too faced and was never blown away by any product. For me to be 100% satisfied with my purchase is just a price to pay for a palette that will last me many years! (I don’t see myself hitting pan any time soon- like I said a little tiny bit of product goes a very long ways. It takes a minimal amount to do the job.) the shadows blend phenomally and it takes very little effort to get the look complete.

Allergic reaction

I went without buying any new highlights since I caught wind that Jeffree was coming out with these!! They are so beautiful. I unwrapped them and started to swatch and within 3 minutes every area that was covered with this product started itching intensely and I got a very bad rash! So disappointed- I’ve never experienced a rash from any makeup product before so it really makes me wonder what’s in it that makes it so harsh :( I’m grateful that Beautylish is so great about returns.

Beautiful palette

I love this palette. The shadows are so pigmented and soft. I’ve also noticed that they are extremely easy to work with and blend out effortlessly. The longevity is great, I apply my makeup at 5 AM everyday for work and my shadow is still in tact and beautiful by the time I wash my face around 6-7 PM. This is one of my top drawer products now.


I was really excited to get this palette. At first, I couldn’t understand why it was receiving so many negative reviews as initially I really enjoyed this palette, but the more I used it the more I started to understand other’s negative opinions. First of all, MOST of the mattes are excellent quality- extremely smooth and blendable. However, the shimmers lack pigmentation and require quite a bit of building to achieve a vibrant look, they also began to hard pan and I can’t even get any of the product to apply with a brush nor my fingers. They are also pretty difficult to work with, as well as the bold colored mattes. This is just not worth the price, in my own personal opinion. I will be returning this palette.