Beauty Product Reviews

new formulation???

I've just purchased my second bottle of this from beautylish, and while I loved the first bottle, my second bottle's consistency is like water- super thin compared to my first bottle. My first bottle was a similar consistency to their AHA & BHA Peeling solution which has the same dropper style but is thicker. It also usually tingles a little bit if I havent used it for a few days... and this new bottle didnt feel like anything. So I'm not sure if they've changed anything or if I got a bad bottle, but Im not too sure whether I should use it or not.

beautilish customer service is amazing

I wrote a review earlier about my half empty bottles of lipstick, and beautylish was amazing in correcting the issue. this is why I love to order from this site :)

Great product, not enough of it

Im a big fan of jeffree stars liquid lipsticks, and this mini set was an excellent way to try a few different colors. However in jeffrees youtube video promoting the new bundle, he said the tubes were filled to the top with product. In all 8 minis that came in my set there was only about half a tube. The tubes themselves are clear so you can see through them when they arent full.