Beauty Product Reviews

Good gel eyeliner

I really liked this gel eyeliner. Worked great.. i used it for my top lid and bottom lid. One thing i didnt like was the little brush. It got to bendy like even after washing it. I prefer using an angled brush with this eyeliner. Except not liking the brush everything was good even the price. (Under 10$ in most drug stores).

Great Mascara

I love this mascara! It was very black, blacker than any other mascara ive used and ive used A LOT of mascaras!!! I would so though that it isnt for everyone. Most people want to simply put it on any mascara and have it work like magic, but there needs to be a certain technique with the wand. Also every mascara is made for different purposes and different eyelash type. This is mascara is made to thicken lashes which could explain the clumping. My eyelashes are very long (top lid and bottom) and thick already so it worked great for me!!