Beauty Product Reviews


Once you have Sonia G. Brushes , you want all of them! This sculpt two is so different to sculpt three! I used to think them are quite similar, but it’s definitely different! The thickness of two is more than three. I use the sculpt three to apply highlighters and sculpt two to apply the shadow of nose. It works in an amazing way!


Can’t believe this powder working so nice on my skin! It is amazing! Even this powder is quite cheap, but it beats my high end powders such as Lamer and AQ. I use Sonia G. Face one brush with it. It just amazing!

Love it!

I love both Worker one and two brushes!! Sonia G. Brushes are the best eye brushes I ever have. I used to use Suqqu or Mac brushes for the eye. Suqqu one is low colour rendering index but super soft, Mac one is high colour rendering index but lower comfort degree. However, Sonia G. has both advantages! I am the loyalty customer with Sonia’s brushes now. Every brushes is amazing!

Perfect brush!!!

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to MICHELE WANG who is a Youtuber that introduce the Sonia G. ‘s brush in the video. This is the best powder brush I ever have! I used to use the Lamer powder brush and I love it too. But compared to this one, Lamer one is not good enough. This brush finished the look so well! Really appreciated to have this brush! Thanks for Sonia and Beautylish too.