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Beautiful. Beautiful

I’m glowing. This shade is perfect for my light medium skin tone. The shimmers are so fine that it looks like a glass glow than a shimmer sparkling. My skin looks healthier and glowing. Love Natasha D. Products.

Perfect shade for me

I’m looking for a similar shade of NARS ginger concealer. And thanks God I choose this color. This is similar shade of NARS ginger. I’m happy.

It able to cover my spots and redness. And able to cover my faded old eyebrow tattoo. I’m glad I choose Jouer Creme Brûlée.

Lightweight and last long

This is perfect shade for me. I like how lightweight it is, and creamy but not as creamy as NARS concealer. It blends well but it dry’s fast.

Lightweight and last long

Info: Skin is combination, previous matched foundation is NARS Punjab. Living in a humid and tropical country.

This foundation is lightweight and watery texture, lighter than a NARS sheer foundation.

The coverage is buildable. And it’s quick dry, like Fenty foundation.

It last long on my face. And made my eyeshadow last long too because I don’t use primer and eye primer.

The shade matched me. I’m very happy actually because I able to find my shade even though I’m buying online. This shade is actually matches me more than my NARS Punjab.

Thank u so much!

Great color for natural look

Love love love this. It feels like sticky when you touch it but when it’s on the skin it’s not sticky, thus, it’s so nourishing, lightweight like as if I don’t wear anything, and it looks like my skin glow and the color is very youthful.

Feels clean and natural

There’s no scent into it, the feels is like lightweight on my lips. There’s no aftertaste. The color is very subtle and it’s the same as my lip color.

Smooth and moisturising

The scent of this lipstick is similar to MAC lipstick (if I'm not mistaken). The texture is creamy as MAC as well. But this one doesn't have after taste, and it’s technically more natural in ingredients. Camellia is a great nude lipstick for me. I wish this will come in peach or coral shade in the future.

So natural and lightweight on my skin

Its very natural on my skin, as if im just blushing naturally. It feels like a velvet texture, I noticed it when i apply it on my lips. I wished i bought all the shades during black friday, my biggest regrets.

Moisturising and lightweight balm

I didn’t expect this to be same color as my natural lip color. Its very moisturising though and its lightweight on my lips. I use this every night as my night lip balm, and as my day time lip balm. My lips never have crack, or skin peeling. It really hydrate my lip skin. Im grateful.

smell so good and hydrate my skin without excess oil

the smell is very subtle but it just nice. skin absorbs it quickly and makes my morning face smooth and fresh.

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