Beauty Product Reviews

It's nice, but....

Okay, so here's the thing. Formula? Impeccable. *some* Colors? Fantastic. The major problem I have with this set is the lack of difference between shades on my skin tone. I am very, very fair.... and almost all the lighter nude shades look extremely similar on me. Birthday Suit and Nathan are almost the same on me, with Christmas Cookie being just a hair off of them. Tasty and Top Shelf are also very similar, despite being two new shades. I think that if you have deeper skin, you may love this set more than the first because it does have more of a wider range. It just feels like this set was more thrown together than the last one. I do still like it and use it, I just don't love it as much as Vol. 1.

If you have very fair-light skin, you'll probably like volume one a but better. If you have deep-rich skin, you'll probably LOVE volume 2.