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Stunning palette

This is an absolutely stunning palette and overall I enjoy it. The mattes are a little too pigmented, so be sure to go in with a light hand. For whatever reason, the pinks pull a little orange on my fair neutral skin tone. It's not bad, just a little different to what I expected. The shimmery shades are more of a creamy glow. They don't have any noticeable chunks of glitter in them. This seems like a perfect palette for everyone. It's a nice quality but I did pay $120 AUD for this which is a bit too much. Charlotte Tilbury products are nice but I sometimes can't justify such an incredibly high price tag for certain things. Overall I do like this palette and recommend it if you like these sorts of shades (they work well for office/work appropriate looks, & day/night/date night looks too)

Cute mini palette with lovely shades

Overall this is a good palette. It's so mini! A lot smaller than i expected. I bought the shade Apricotine and love all of the eyeshadow shades. they work really well together. the pigment is incredible, and the mattes blend out so well!. the shimmery shades are very nice too, and they work better when applied wet. only issue i have with it is that the eyeshadows are very dusty when you dip your brush into the pans, but i haven't experienced any fallout because i just tap the excess off my brush before application.

Perfect for travelling

This is such a cute palette and turned out okay for my fair skin. The highlighters are a bit dark, but I manage to make them work when applied with a light hand, and they work even better when mixed with the brightener powder in this palette. i have oily skin, so i can't use the finishing powder all over my face because it has specks of glitter in it (and that would make me look even shinier which i try to avoid). I don't use bronzer, so I use the contour powder as an eyeshadow and it works so well (it's the perfect tone). the blush is also a pretty shade. my biggest issue with this palette is that these powders are so dusty when you dip your brush into them. the highlighters are creamy but a bit stiff to pick up with a brush. you have to apply the blush extremely lightly (i've made the mistake of going heavy, and ended up looking like a clown) it's a nice palette, i just have to use it a bit differently to make it work.

Perfect for Spring and Summer

I love the shades in this palette. The mattes are very vibrant. The mattes blend out nicely and aren't patchy, they're pretty pigmented but once you apply them to the eye with a brush they look a lot more sheer. They can be built up a bit though. I expected it to be a lot more opaque in pigmentation. The shimmery/metallic shades are amazing. They're so sparkly and glittery, and unlike other pressed metallic eyeshadows I've come across. If you like these sorts of shades, then I recommend buying this palette. It's a very nice Spring/Summer palette.

Not bad, not great

These lip toppers are cute but not what I expected. They're not very long wearing at all. They kind of sting my lips upon initial application, but the sensation disappears within a few minutes. They have a decent scent, not my personal favourite but it's tolerable and you don't notice it after a while. The shades are really nice, but some are very similar so you can't really tell much of a difference once they're applied to the lips. My biggest issue is that they're not very long wearing at all, so I've given it 3 stars.

Amazing at blurring imperfections!

This is one of the best imperfection blurring products I've tried, because it actually works. I have acne and a lot of scarring, and this helps with reducing my skin texture. My skin is also extremely oily, but this powder doesn't make me look even more oily so I would say that it's good for oily skin. When I first purchased and used this, it had a slight wet sensation when applied to the skin, like I was setting my face with a mist rather than a powder. However, after quite a few months of having it, the wet sensation has disappeared when I use this powder. This doesn't come with a lot of product which is a shame. But I would highly recommend it if you need something that blurs imperfections.


This highlighter is pretty and it looks stunning on the skin but it's not entirely what I expected. I wish I could've swatched this before purchasing but it wasn't out in stores in Asutralia when it was launched on Beautylish. The formula is very nice and smooth. I have a Becca highlighter in the shade Opal and there is a lot of consistency in formula between the two.


I have this in the Watermelon Gum flavour. It tastes just like watermelon flavoured gum. It's a decent lip scrub. It's not the best though, and there are better ones out there that cost less, like the Lush lip scrubs.

Stunning palette!

I can't really find anything wrong with this palette. The shades are gorgeous and look stunning when applied to the skin. They suit my fair skin very well, but I think this is a palette made up of shades that would look beautiful on every skin tone! I highly recommend it because the quality is great. This was my first ABH glow kit, and I just had to buy another one so I picked up Aurora and it's equally as good.

Too much fallout... But gorgeous shades!

I thought I'd love this palette a lot more than I actually do. The shades are absolutely gorgeous. The mattes blend very well and aren't patchy. The shimmery shades are equally gorgeous and complement the mattes very well. My issue with this palette is that there is SO MUCH FALLOUT! I do my foundation first because I hate the way doing foundation looks after doing eyeshadow, but these shadows have so much fallout that it ruins the rest of my makeup. I don't know how to fix this issue. There's also so much kick-back in the pan and I feel like product is going to waste, which is a shame because it isn't a cheap palette in Australian dollars...

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