Beauty Product Reviews

This Oil Has Replaced all my High-End Equivalents

Stats: 59 y/o but with (mostly) smooth and (mostly) youthful looking skin. I was swept away with Drunk Elephant (DE) Marula Oil, which I tried in the deluxe size. But $72 an ounce for DE? It was certainly worth giving The Ordinary a try.

For four weeks I did an A/B test. I put DE on one half of my face, and The Ordinary on the other. No difference. Each left my skin smoother, evened-out, and glowing. This product is the exact same as Drunk Elephant. I absolutely love it and it is replacing all my top end oils ranging from Kiehl's, to Sisley, to Biologique Rercherche. It's that good.

I Do Not Get the Love. I Think These Are Junk

This is what I sent to Beautylish with my return.

Dear Beautylish,

I love your site and I think you do an outstanding job. This comment has nothing to do with Beautylish, and is for Charlotte Tilbury herself. I know she'll never read it, nor would she care, but I'll feel better.

Dear Charlotte Tilbury, I have recently been introduced to your line, and have watched all of your tutorials. As a marketer myself, I will say you do a great job inciting trust. I ordered two of your Colour Chameleon sticks in Amber Haze and Dark Pearl, and was very excited to receive them. But you know what word came to mind as I used both? JUNK. This product is junk.

I have used items from the drug store that are superior to these shadows. The color fades within hours. It does NOT stay on until you take it off as you claim -- even with primer. It is essentially a glitter bomb that made fallout go everywhere (especially Amber Haze and Dark Pearl isn't much better).

I'm sorry to have to return them to Beautylish, but I won't keep these terrible products.

What Sorcery Is This?!

This is an absolutely fantastic brush. Honestly, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I wanted a broad shader, but what I got is so much more. You can easily do your entire eye look with this. Depending on the angle you use, it shades, it blends, it adds crease and corner colors with precision and ease. Except for places where you want to be super precise, this brush can be a one and done.

I have so many eye brushes as I have searched through the decades for products that work. I am disappointed in the quality and the application properties of 95% of what I own. If I would have started with Chikuhodo, I would have a more limited but curated collection that works. Even those these brushes seem more expensive, in the end I would have saved a ton of money. There is great performance and value here i this one little brush.


Let me take you on my journey. I am 50+. How many blush brushes have I owned? Countless at this point. All kinds of bristles -- natural, synthetic. All kinds of brands from high end to no name.

I took a chance and ordered this brush based on input from friends and reviews. When it arrived, I removed it from its protective plastic and thought -- meh. It looked very ordinary, like many others I have owned. Then I tried it.

This brush is absolutely outstanding. I can't believe it, to tell you the truth. It applies blush and other face products with precision. It allows you to build, be precise, or blend. I am truly impressed and appreciate the quality of this product. I'm quite sure I'll buy another. Maybe two more, it's that good.