Beauty Product Reviews

Unbelievably Skin-like finish set with HD/No Colour Powder

I have quite oily skin and live in humid hot area. I have a few foundations and most of them are not my perfect colour match as the skin below my neck is yellowish/sand while my face is few shades lighter with quite a lot redness (blushing so easily whenever I'm happy/exercising/excited) and it is very hard for me to find the perfect foundation without the fake procelain/IG face finish, especially when Summer started and I'm a bit tanned now.

RCMA 4 Color Kit Foundation in A comes quite handy with its 4 shades in KO 1-4. I didn't choose Shinto because it is a bit too yellow even for my body. It turns out KO 4 is quite a perfect match for my skin tone at the moment. I do not prefer heavy makeup so 1 layer for full face and add more of the foundation to areas that need more coverage would be enough for me. It doesn't cover up all my redness but have it toned down and still looking natural. I set it with RCMA No Color Powder and still feel very light-weight.

I didn't buy the RCMA thinner because I couldn't find it on Beautylish and I am glad I didn't find it. For my oily skin, the foundation goes on really smooth and nice with moisturizer(I use Embryolisse) already on.