Beauty Product Reviews

Great pair of nail clippers.

I've had them since November 2018, and they are really solid. I found cheaper nail clippers dulled within months of buying and I'd have to file my nails to have them be comfortable after cutting. I only file after cutting with these nail clippers to adjust shaped, not because I need to for comfort. The shape is a little bit of a learning curve, but it didn't take long to adjust. I find I like the shape more as I can do a lot of nail shaping with them. Also work well for toenails. Haven't noticed any dulling of the blades. Probably one of my best purchases tool wise.


I ordered from another site before it became available at Beautylish (didn't realise it was going to be available as it came out in the middle of 2018), and I'm very pleased with it. I really like the satin/matte finish of the handle and ferrule, makes the wave design stand out just that much more. The bristles are very soft. I personally have been using it for blush, as I don't use a lot of powder (prefer small brushes for setting powder), and it's been lovely. The price intimidated me (previously, most expensive brush was Chikuhodo's Moon Rabbit brush), but the quality and beautiful design makes it worth it to me.

Great, and very reasonably priced

I'd been wanting to try Smith brushes, so was really excited to be able to get them through Beautylish. I'm very happy with this brush so far - I'd been using the Chikuhodo MK-11 (retractable powder brush) for blush, as I like a larger brush for blush, and this Smith one is a great size for blush imo. It is a bit stiffer and picks up product easier than the Chikuhodo (something that took a bit of adjustment as the first day I was sporting some strong blush), but applies it well and if you go in with a lighter hand can build really well. The 118 is still soft, but being goat isn't as soft as squirrel. I find this brush to be a better version of the MAC 129 (which was dyed bristles and shed terribly, but a nice size). It works very well, though, and for the price I'm probably going to pick up another and will definitely be trying more Smith brushes.

Adore this brush, bought a second one

I really like the length of the handle, but that's a minor preference that's nice about it. What I really love is the softness and the great diffusion I can get when blending. I used to primarily go for MAC brushes, as didn't really know much about brushes and they were highly touted on blogs and YouTube when I was getting into makeup. Comparing the blending brush from MAC I used to think was amazing to this is a bit of a joke, as the dyed bristles are so rough and prickly compared to the GSN-10. Was really blown away by the ease of blending and it's become one of my most used brushes. Ended up retiring the MAC one (it was old, and held up for a long while, but doesn't really compare) and bought a second of the GSN-10. Have since bought more Chikuhodo, and haven't been disappointed, but this is probably still my favourite buy for function.