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Not usually a big eye pencil person, but...

I got the color Rich Hazel as I felt I was already covered with a black pencil that I love (Marc Jacobs) plus I am not a big eye pencil user in general. It is a soft kohl and in the limited amount I have used it, it is lovely. Very soft and able to blend, but it seems long lasting. I have yet to try it for a smoky eye, but I will give it a go soon. Overall, I'd say it is another winner by Wayne Goss.

Everything Wayne touches is golden!

I got this palette and immediately swatched it. Holy moley, it is beautiful. The thing that sold me on picking this one up was that Wayne made it to be beautiful on older eyes-at 57, that had me. I will say that I still can't wear the shimmers in the palette above my lid as the crepiness that haunts me still is accentuated, but I will say that it isn't as bad as some of my other palettes. That being said, if I wear it with the matte colors in the crease and the others on the lid, it is perfection. Perfect for every day, but you can build it and glam it up for evening. And can we talk about the black? It is subtle, if that could even be a thing, but it can be built up as well with almost no fallout which seems to be a consistent problem with black eyeshadows in my other palettes. The glittery cream color, as I read on another pre-review really is a grown up glitter. I would definitely not have any problem wearing it to my professional day job if that was the vibe I was feeling for that day. Did I absolutely need this palette?Probably not. Am I thrilled I have it? Absolutely. Another one out of the park for Mr. Goss. Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the texture is obviously powder, but it almost feels like a powder to cream. It is THAT delicious and blends like a dream.

LOVE this little gem!

I have used this brush for blush every day since I got it. I love it! It is such a nice little brush for precise placement. Another winner by Sonia G! I will eventually try it for other purposes, but for now, you had me at blush!

I'm a sucker for a beautiful brush!

And ooohhhh this set is beautiful! The brushes themselves are incredibly soft yet efficient. The travel friendly form is excellent. And can we talk about the Makie design? It makes me just want to sit and stare at it. This one tics all of the boxes for me. I'm thrilled that I just went ahead and bought the set. Chikuhodo doesn't disappoint.


If you are only going to get one set this year, get this one! I never buy complete sets, but I took a chance on this one and boy am I glad. These brushes are just perfect! As much as I love the original Sonia G brushes, I really like the smaller handle of these Pros since they fit in my brush cups much better. If Sonia's brushes had been available when I had started collecting makeup brushes, I feel like I'd have a whole lot less brushes...they are all literally THE BEST. Soft, but so very functional. There isn't one in this set that I am not in love with. If you are considering it, just do it! Use the friendly financing and don't think twice-totally worth it!!!

Another winner from Wayne Goss

I almost didn't pick this one up. Wow! Glad I shook it off...I do love this brush. I've tried it for blush and for highlighter. It feels like silk on my skin. Did I NEED it? No, but I'm glad I got it. It is as soft as a little bunny, but it picks up product beautifully and deposits it just right. Love it!

Love it so much

Wow! I didn't think any eyeshadow brush would ever overtake my precious Hakuhodo J5523 blender in the spot for favorite brush of all time. This one did. All I can say is, if you haven't tried it, you won't believe it. Yeah, it's that good! Soft soft soft, yet super efficient. Enough bounce to be able to blend out persnickety pigments or pack on color to the lid, but never a poke. Ever. And did I mention the handles on these brushes? OMG, they are gorgeous. I bought 4 of the Sonia G brushes and can't wait to pick up more as the budget allows. You won't be sorry if you find yourself completing the sale with this little gem in your cart. I'd give it 10 stars if I could!

Holy Grail

Yes, indeed, this is that eyeliner brush I had been waiting for. Tiny, short soft, but dense bristles. Perfect for tightlining your eyeliner or anytime you need to be super precise. Love love love!!!

Didn't expect to like this

I mean look at it...its awkwardly long and floppy. How good could it be, right? WRONG! This little dickens is awesome. Makes short work of picking up just the right amount of those super pigmented blushes and highly reflective highlighters (Becca, I'm talking to you!) and depositing just the most beautiful wash on the skin. So glad I picked this up. Oh and did I mention that I have never felt anything so soft in my life? Decadently delightful! As usual, well done Wayne Goss! ❤❤❤

beautiful but...

i snapped this brush up because i cant live without my air brush and because the rose gold is so pretty. this is seriously the 3rd air brush ive purchased. They keep getting smaller, no lie. The 1st brush I got was absolute perfection. The 2nd was still soft, but a different shape. More straight rather than paddle shaped and definitely thinner. this one is straight and thinner still. The photo shows them after washing in order of purchase. You can see that even with use, the 2nd one is different than the first. It is still the most luxurious feeling brush around, but it's getting to be more air and less brush!

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