Beauty Product Reviews

Such a shame!

I really wanted to like Sugarpill but they’re lip products are pretty terrible. I had purchased their stick lipsticks and wasn’t a fan. So I decided to give the liquid lipsticks a try and I totally regret it. While the color is cool the formula is extremely drying and the lemon pledge smell is really intense. :(

I think I got a bad batch!

So after watching multiple reviews on the new colors I decided to purchase. I ordered Dark Sided and Anti-socialite. The lipsticks are supposed to have a creamsicle scent and instead they smell like onions. And they taste like it too which is really nasty. They are very drying and don't apply smoothly. I have several friends that purchased these lipsticks and they have no problems whatsoever. I think I'm one of the unlucky ones that got bad batches :(

Gorgeous shade of purple!

I absolutely adore this color. It reminds me of a purple version of Androgyny with the way it applies. It's very wearable not too crazy. It's definitely a unique shade. I hope it becomes part of the permanent collection.

Surprisingly better than Unicorn Blood

So I was a little worried that this color was going to look exactly like UB but I purchased it anyways. I'm so glad that I did! It's darker and more red which I love. My only complaint is that this tube seems harder to close but it's not a big deal. I absolutely love this shade and I hope it becomes permanent.

Pleasantly surprised!

I really really really like this color. It's very unique and bold! It's not streaky or patchy. Oh and if you mix it with Redrum or Masochist it makes this awesome purple color.

Love at first swatch!!!

I purchased 2 shades, Unicorn Blood and Rose Matter. I absolutely love love love them! Super pigmented, light weight, and long lasting. I can't wait to possess the entire collection