Beauty Product Reviews

replacing my La Prairie

I was really impressed with this foundation. The coverage is light, which is perfect for me. I found this was comparable to my La Prairie foundation in coverage, appearance, and feel.

Really strong pigment

A beautiful blush but extremely pigmented, even if I just use the lighter side I find the color to be powerful. That can be good, but because I’m so light I have to not only use a very light hand, but buff it out a lot also. I’m still glad I got it though. I always like the Kevyn Aucoin powders I’ve gotten, and this is no exception. I have the neo highlighter, not the mini but the full sized one that came on its own (that blue one) from last summer and it’s about half the size of it. That highlighter is huge though, I don’t think I will ever see pan on it.

Best affordable lashes

I will either buy these or velour. These lashes are really good for the price. They’re comfortable on, and last me maybe 3 wears (but I’m not too nice to my lashes)

holy pigmentation!!!

I wasn’t expecting this to be as pigmented and I could have used a lighter hand. In the future I will! I bought this because I have neo limelight and I love that powder so much. This is a beautiful blush though

Mattes with amazing pigment

I love how pigmented these mattes are. I have 5 sugarpill single mattes and they’re all fantastic quality. I generally only use one of them along with other shadows because the colors are so vibrant and beautiful

favorite brows

I have a few brands to get through before I buy the BrowNie again but this is by far my favorite pencil. It’s not too warm and not too cool. It’s very easy to put my brows on with this

This is my favorite glitter liner. My skin is dry/normal and this won’t peel off until the end of the day. Compared to the glitter from another similarly priced brand, this is much more glittery and it’s a finer glitter. They staying power isn’t as long but this is my preferred glitter liner.

I have Fairy Queen which is a purple, I’M Half Mermaid is a teal, Lucky B gold, and No Way Rosé is rose gold.

One of my favorites

I’m very particular about pretty much everything. I spent a good while smelling and feeling different cleansing balms. I used up a lot of small samples. This one is one of my two favorites and the one I use regularly. I’ve even bought a backup. I am almost out.

I don’t feel a residue on my face after I use it. It doesn’t feel dry, but also there’s no “film” which I think a lot of other balms leave. I only have to use a small amount and it gets everything off. It’s safe for me to take eye makeup off. There is a fragrance, I really love it, and it’s not too strong.

Small fluffy fan brush

This brush and my Wayne Goss 02 are the two brushes i use most for highlighter. This one is probably my favorite though. I have cheap small fan brushes that absolutely do not pick up the right amount of product, and then I have very large ones that I feel get too much. This is the exact right thickness and fluff for highlighter.

Cute and Small

I am a fan of this palette. It’s absolutely small, and you will need to be a little more cautious picking up product, but the shadows themselves are so nice, apply easily to the eyelid, and look as good on the face as they do in the pan. I want more colorful eyeshadows so this was perfect.

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