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Beauty Product Reviews

Awesome bronzer

I knew I had to have this bronzer (along with one of the blush duos) as soon as I saw photos of these online. Cover FX has really outdone themselves with creating such a beautifully presented product. But it's not all about the looks--I wouldn't say I am exactly a bronzer-junkie, but I have tried enough to know what I like, and like this I do. The Sunkissed Bronze shade at first appeared like it might be still too deep for my skin tone, but since I tend to go into face products with a lighter hand I have been able to achieve a perfectly buildable application. I suggest going in one light layer at a time if the color seems intimidating. But it blends very well, so I feel like overdoing it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I also think this shade is neither too cool nor too warm, so you shouldn't get that dreaded "orangey" bronzer effect, and it's just cool enough to look more like a natural tan. The satin-side adds a bit of extra glow without looking overly shiny or glittery, a smooth sheen if you will, and pairs well with the matte side. Whether you are that "bronzer-junkie" or you are just looking to try something new, I think this one is worth checking out for sure.

Beautiful blush!

I was so excited to receive this blush, I bought this and one of the bronzer duos the instant they released here on Beautylish. One side is matte, and the other side has a satin sheen that is hard to describe. It's not exactly shiny like a highlight, just glowy without any glitter or sparkle. The two sides work well together or alone, for whatever kind of look I am going for. I would say the color I picked (Warm Honey) in-person is slightly deeper and rosier than it appears online in the photos, but even on my fair skin tone it is easy to go in with a light hand or build up as needed. Also, this blush blends beautifully and I have had no issues trying to get it to work for me. All in all I really recommend picking up at least one of these, this blush is bomb!

Beautiful, but not super long-lasting

I must preface this review by saying that I have a very oily skin type, so normally I feel like this type of product wouldn't appeal to me. However, something possessed me to give this multistick a shot. I wanted something that was easy to throw on for low-maintenance days and that was multi-use for that fresh, effortless vibe.

As a lip color, it's beautiful. The texture is balmy and sheer, but not so much so that the color barely shows up, at least on the lips. It's hydrating, and it lasts decently well for hours before I feel the need to reapply. This is the function that the multistick is best at, in my opinion.

I was apprehensive to use this as a blush, as I wasn't sure how well it was going to mesh with other products and whether or not it would last on my skin. However I was very pleasantly surprised. It is very easy to apply with fingers or dab onto the cheeks, particularly after warming it up a bit. It gives a fresh look that I enjoy. It doesn't really last the best on my skin, but it's easy enough to touch up so this doesn't bother me. Overall it's a very nice product to use on the cheeks, for sure.

I dared to use this product on my eyes the first time I tried it because hey, YOLO. I knew it probably wouldn't work that well, but curiosity got the better of me. Just to give it the best chance of lasting well enough, I applied the color over my favorite eye primer. Honestly I found this to be really sheer for my tastes, at least as an eye color. It also creased pretty quickly, though it still technically lasted a good 6 hours or so. Overall I wouldn't really recommend this product for use on the eyes due to the short longevity.

The only thing that really bothers me about the multistick is how tiny the tube is. It seems to be about the size of a standard lipstick, but I'm supposed to use this all over the whole face? I'm sure anyone using this every single day would run through it very quickly. Personally for the price and for its purpose it should be at least 2 or 3 times the size. But I do think it's a really nice product, and I would consider purchasing this in other shades in the future.

Tricky to work with

I've had a compact of this foundation for a very long while and have been using it off and on. I've hit pan on it, but at this point I don't think I would repurchase. I find it very difficult to get this foundation to work with certain primers and skincare products--if I don't use the right combination of products (including the right brush), I find that this product doesn't blend well and will sometimes bunch up in odd places. Also if I try to build it up too much, it can tend to look cakey. When I do have a good day with this foundation it looks very smooth, but it also has a strange texture to the touch that almost feels weirdly sticky and heavy on my face...overall with all the cons and with all the effort it takes to get this foundation to look good, I don't really recommend it unless you have a simple routine and maybe you don't layer a bunch of skincare/primers like I do before applying makeup.

Awesome primer for oily skin

I've only used this primer a few times as of writing this review, but I can easily say that this is definitely one of the best primers that has helped me control oil throughout the day. My skin looks smooth under makeup when I use this primer, and I feel as though I look much less shiny than usual. I am extremely oily, so I still have to blot every several hours, but right around the times that I do still I don't look like a mess nearly as much, and my makeup holds up better. I like the texture of this primer as well, it kind of goes on like a light lotion but dries down matte quickly making application easy. I knocked off half a star for the scent, which I can't describe but it is a bit odd to say the least. Not like in a chemical way, but in a "it's supposed to smell like nothing but still ends up with a weird scent anyway in the process of trying to smell like nothing" kind of way. Overall I would highly recommend trying this if you struggle with oily skin like me.

Good product, not a fan of the consistency

I ordered this product once by mistake (I like the emulsion formula best), but I decided to use it for a while anyway just to see if it was just as effective as the formula I usually use. This formula has a very oily-feeling, yet thin consistency, which makes it difficult to get out of the bottle. I also notice that this does not mix well when applying creamier or thicker products on top--my azelaic acid tends to pill up on top of this quite easily. I can make this formula work sometimes, but other times it will drive me a bit crazy! Overall, I will be trying to use this up as best as I can, but due to the consistency interfering with other products in my routine, I wouldn't purchase this again.

Best everyday blotting powder

I've been purchasing and using this powder for a while, and this has been my favorite go-to. I really like this powder because it has a slight tint to it instead of just being a stark white or "translucent". I usually touch-up once every 3 or 4 hours by using a blotting sheet, then using just the slightest bit of this powder with a powder puff. Despite touching up several times a day it doesn't get really cakey or dry-looking, especially if you want to go the extra mile and use a refresher spray to finish everything off. Overall I would highly recommend this powder for anyone looking for something that's great for the everyday touch-up.

Blends powders wonderully, but...

I was very excited to purchase this brush, as I was looking for a new brush that would apply powder/mineral foundation seamlessly without tugging on the skin. I own Wayne's newest eye brush set, and those are some of my favorite brushes I have ever owned, so I had high hopes for this one from the face collection.

The brush works wonderfully well--it picks up powders and buffs them into the skin beautifully. However, the one and only HUGE flaw I have found is that this brush sheds--it sheds a few hairs every time I use it. I keep holding out hope that it will eventually quit shedding, but I have used this brush every single day for powder foundation since receiving it and without fail, I always manage to find at least one stray hair from the brush on my face. In my opinion, for the very hefty price of this brush, this is an unacceptable flaw and reduces the experience of using this brush for me tremendously. I am honestly afraid to clean this brush when the time comes, as it feels as though it may fall apart if I even dare make the attempt. To say that I am disappointed would be an understatement; I expected much, much better from the Wayne Goss line of face brushes, and I would be very hesitant to purchase another one again (especially since I am already making flex payments on a brush that sheds). Perhaps this is a total fluke and I just happened to get a bad one, but I really hope my feedback is taken into consideration and measures will be taken to improve the quality and construction of these brushes in the future.

Favorite eyeshadow brush

I use this brush every single day to apply a wash of shadow into the crease/eye socket and to softly blend transition shades onto the eyelid. I also use it to apply transition shades along my lower lashline for a smoky, diffused effect. If I had to give up all my other eye brushes and only use one, this would be it. It's pretty much perfect and I couldn't live without it!

Fast-absorbing, effective Vitamin C Solution

I was using a different Vitamin C product from The Ordinary for a long time, but I wasn't a huge fan of the texture despite the fact that it worked pretty well for me. I decided to try this one on a whim, and I'm very glad I did. This particular solution has the consistency and absorbency of a light serum, which makes it great for layering under heavier solutions. I have an extensive skin care routine at night, and the way this product has come into play with my routine has vastly improved it. Best of all, like the rest of The Ordinary line, it's an affordable solution that works. I highly recommend this product to anyone.

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