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Sonia g and Wayne Goss have made luxurious brushes for a smi affordable price tag. Theyr just a good as those Japanese brushes I would never consider. But these r in the middle and I’ll never go back.

Hurry up with the pro set!!!!

All I need is my wayne and Sonia brushes. After the pro set. I’ll be set. (For a little while). They have just changed my make up game. Good brushes r everything. Period

Love these can’t wait for the pros

I’ve got a few eye brush and a couple face. Theyr so good. Wayne and Sonia and I don’t need more brushes. But u know...


Enjoy this brush. My face brushes r my favorites the eye brushes r just bonuses Love Beautylish and want to try Rae Morris next

Never be with out these brushes

Have the face and the eye set and a couple add on goss brushes. If I could get rid of Ll my other brushes and have nothing but Wayne goss is be complete

I love this it’s the most natural flush of color ever. Love it have the little one and hit pan. Will be going got the full size sooon. Brush is worthless. But with a fluffy brush it awakens ur face “naturally “

Want em all

Got goss face and eyes and they’re my fav Till I order the blender. Face2? the big fan and I can’t wait to get more Theyr beautiful and worth the money. Wish they were a little cheaper .......real talk

It's different. But not what people are making it out to be u need to go easy and build. Which is how I'd always use pigmented colors. I love abh. But prefer higher end make up. And this is no different. A couple colors are a little patchy if over blended. But. Over all. I like it


Love them as much as the eyes set. Everything parole say is true. Amazing soft beautiful functional. All that


I wish the weren't all crease brushes...either way. They're very nice quality. Hope they stay nice. First set of gods brushes. He's seems like a good guy so I like supporting him

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