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Beauty Product Reviews

The mattes just aren't good.

I have heard that there can be big differences in quality from one palette to another before. I have never understood this, because in a controlled lab setting, everything should be completely uniform. That being said, i have been reading the reviews posted here, and it's either, "holy shit this palette is amazing in every way!" Or "overhyped, no pigmentation, crazy fallout". I would fall into the latter group. The mattes are anything but buttery. They are hard, streaky, any pigmentation that I can pull off gets dusted all over my cheekbones as fallout. What remains is a streaky wash of color. I've tried everything. Frosting and Deja Vu are great, they are the metallic shades. Fetish and Charm are slightly shimmery, but have the same issues as the mattes. What I find to be the most irritating, is the shade Androgyny, for which the palette is named, is the worst shade of all!!!! I just can't see a way that those who had positive feedback received a palette anything like the one that I did? This is without a doubt the worst preforming eyeshadow I have ever bought. And I swear, I am easy to please!!!!