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Totally worth every penny!

Everything is beautiful. It starts with the box. A lot of thought went into the presentation. It's heavyweight and has a magnetic closure. When you open the beautiful box, you're greeted with the chrome packaging. After you take the lipsticks out of their personal cartons, they fit beautifully right back into the majestic pink box. Now for the colors. They're BEAUTIFUL. I'm in love! They are just as wonderful as his formula always is. They are long wearing and kiss proof (my husband's favorite part). My biggest surprise is how wearable Venus Fly Trap is. I loved it when I put it on. I highly recommend you purchase this bundle. It's totally worth every penny.

I'm in LOVE

I got stopped FOUR times at Sephora by people, including employees, wanting to know what I was wearing! I was shook, for real! They were all surprised when I said it was the Jeffree Star x Manny collab.

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