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Beauty Product Reviews

Excellent set of brushes!!!!

They are really wonderful brushes with a unique quality in the market. A perfect complement for the rest of Sonia G brushes. They are also capable of making a complete eye look. It serves both for expert make-up artists as well as beginners. I am very happy to have bought them.

Wonderful a million stars!!!!

All I can say is little. The work they do is really amazing. They have the perfect size for any eyelid. The softness is impressive, they mix the shadows in an extraordinary way. It is worth buying backup of all of them.


They are brushes that every makeup artist must have, they are basic, these brushes are designed to blur any type of eye, make the most incredible details. I love that all are to make blending, since there are many deposit brushes in the market, however this game is special given the characteristics of being goat hair, for my taste the best hair since it offers the necessary strength to perform blending.

It's great!!!!

It is wonderful for the shadows with glitter, as Sonia explains it is necessary to move the brush through the pan with zig zag movements, it is impressive how it takes the product and then how it is deposited.I think that there is no other brush in the market that does this. It is simply great.

It is perfect!!!!

It is a brush of excellent quality soft and firm at the same time, it makes it excellent to make up the eyebrow with powder products, it is much bigger and wider than the Chikuhodo GSN 13. When I want to make the eyebrows in a single stroke I choose this brush because it covers much more surface, it traces at the same time that it diffuses. If I want something more detailed I choose GSN 13.

I love this brush !!!

I use it every day, both to place shadows under the line of tabs and also to deepen the external angle. It is a super soft brush, it works excellent. All the brushes of Sonia G are wonderful, she is an expert, I am surprised by the quality, they are unique and incomparable. She is a teacher of the brush.

It is wonderful!! .

It's a classic, everyone who loves makeup knows how important this brush is. I love how well it diffuses, it's soft enough not to scratch and it has the strength of a good shadow mixer. There are many brushes but of all this is without a doubt my favorite. Excellent quality.

I love this brush !!!

I use it exclusively for the highlight, its bristles are soft and take a lot of product, it is wonderful applied on the skin. It is small that makes it even more perfect to apply the powder in specific areas. Unique quality

It is a wonderful brush

It is open and has loose hair therefore allows a very natural finish, is perfectly integrated blush, it seems that the blush was natural. It also serves to tan and any type of powder, without doubt a multipurpose brush. The quality of the brush is excellent both the handle and the hair, I think they are unique brushes.

Very good!!!

What I like is that the hair is made of natural bristles, that makes it soft and precise at the same time. I use it to comb the eyebrows and to mix the powdered products. The only thing I do not like is that the handle is too long, it is good to make up other people, but a little uncomfortable for oneself, since you can hit the handle against the mirror. But I can not put a star less because we have already been warned that the brushes in this series are long handles, I would like to do it with a shorter handle and that would be perfect for me. It is also very good and does its function perfectly, it is just a matter of taste.

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