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Excellent Acid Toner

I started acid toning about a year ago using/trying PC and Pixi, which both worked fine but really wanted to have something that wasn't ingredient overload in an early routine step, had no fragrance yet still had a good low pH.

This glycolic acid at 7% is right on the money on all of those points, AND is a good price. The only downside is that I can't buy it in a nearby store like at Target (with the famous Pixi glow tonic). But considering that this is a lot more product with less cost, I think I can handle that shipping time offset.

One thing that may not be obvious about the product as you see in the pictures, is that when you get the package, it comes with a nozzle that replaces the metal cap. The cap is there for just safety during shipping. You replace it with the nozzle. The nozzle, tightly in place, then has a second component that you twist open so you can easily disperse the toner onto a cotton swatch or your hands in a much more controlled manner. It's way nicer than the simple "cap over a hole" that you normally get with 90% of other toner/acid packages. It's actually making me consider shopping online for more of these nozzle caps to put on all my bottles.