Beauty Product Reviews

No pigmentation

I received this palette as part of my (un)lucky bag and it really does not perform well. I am a make-up lover/artist and I want pigment in my shadows. When I wear make-up and I want subtle, I won't wear any eye make-up at all. These are lackluster and under-performing. I am giving it 2 stars, since the quality of the packaging is absolutely gorgeous.


So, I waited about 3 years before buying this?? WHY?? It's so so good for oily and pore-y skin!!! Would recommend 10 out of 10. Also, it gives the slightest white cast so use with a foundation or concealer! But I love it. It's expensive, but a little goes a long way, and looking good comes with a prive tag, haha. I use it in combination with the IT cosmetics bye bye pores powder and my skin looks fresh and poreless!

Absolutely fantastic!!

For all my super oily and pore-y skin gals and boys out there, GET THIS BLUSH!! It's that good. And I am very very picky about my blush, but this one (combined with the It cosmetics bye bye pores powder), does wonders for my aging, oily, pore-y cheeks! And the color is naturally flattering too! Next on my list are the other 2 shades....:-)

Love the shade!

So first time I ordered a JS lip product. I'm very fussy with lipliners (I find they almost all dry my lips out), but I thought for 16$ I'll give them a go. I got the shade Calabasas and it's my perfect shade. For real. I'm now thinking of getting the liquid lip and ammunition one for my collection. So this lip liner just came in 30 minutes ago, and I already have opinions on it. First of all, it's VERY VERY soft. So expect to sharpen every time you want to use it. It is crumbly as well, but just don't press too hard when applying. Also, it is drying. Which will make it last longer, but for me it accentuates every line on my lips (I am turning 38 this Friday). The packaging is gorgeous and on lipfiller lips (and super smooth natural lips haha) it will probably look fantastic, but for me it's a pass. Will keep it on my vanity since it looks so nice though!


I have a plethora of shades from these Stila liquid eyeshadows, and OMG diamond dust is also fantastic!! I love that the glitter stays on your lids the whole day and that they don;t fall down on your cheeks! I also got the MAC liquid dazzle shadows, and they are a pain to remove and you're covered in glitter the whole damn day. Would definitely recommend these Stila ones!