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Not terrible but not for me

I hate writing less than stellar reviews, but I also swore to myself that when I began my beauty adventures I would always be honest in that respect. It's especially hard to do when it's a product from a brand I love so very much...but here goes. The shades are great. I am MAC NW15 and Porcelain is perfect to lightly conceal and brighten my under eye area. Coverage is light to medium which is also totally fine. Unfortunately the formula is far too drying for my mature under eyes, and accentuates lines pretty badly no matter how much I prep underneath. It either pools in my lines or dries up the area making it look crepey. I thought can be drying...well then it will work great on my more oily areas! I was wrong :( it just pooled, migrated, and slid around. I just couldn't win with this one. Also the packaging on my pen was faulty twice in a row. The first one had a broken dispensing matter how much I clicked, nothing came out past the first little bit. Upon receiving my replacement, the lid fell out as soon as I opened the box and it never fit the pen correctly. I had to tape it on for travel which eventually created a sticky mess ( I used the entire pen...I wanted to give it a fair shake!).

In conclusion, I think folks with normal skin and no huge textural issues will love this. Mature ladies/gents or those with fine lines and wrinkles may not get along with it so well. Unfortunately for the price, I think there are better options available

Did not perform well for me

I wanted so much to love this mascara...I adore the Lip/Cheek pencils and Magnetic Eye pencils, but the mascara was sub-par, at least for me. Within an hour, it had transferred underneath my eyes, within two hours it had begun to flake and fall onto my cheeks and undereyes. It smudged very easily and just didn't wear well all around. I was extremely disappointed with this mascara. I see the other reviews and seriously wonder if maybe I just got a bad tube? The formula was super thin, almost watery, and didn't add any length or volume to my lashes.

Amazing formula, Perfect Fall shade!

When this lipstick first arrived, I was disappointed. The somewhat muted plummy brown in the swatches was a very warm reddish brown on me with plum undertones (I pull red out of almost everything...even things that initially appear not to have any red!). On me it was very reminiscent of Chantecaile Ceylon or YSL RVS #1 for comparison purposes. Anyway, even though this lipstick is pigmented, one's natural lip color definitely plays a part in how it will look once applied...just be aware, like in my case, it looks nothing like the swatch lol! For reference, I am platinum blonde NW15-20 with blue eyes. I didn't know if I liked it...I was looking for a muted plum, and at first Dantrice seemed sort of...well...brown on me. However, once I was in the proper lighting, I put on a full face of makeup and absolutely fell in love! It is the embodiment of a crisp fall day...warm brown mixed with a tinge of plum, and the shimmer you see in the bullet translates to a beautiful, glossy finish. The formula is wonderful...perfect for the colder months, it is nice and emollient, doesn't dry my lips at all, is pigmented, silky smooth, and doesn't bleed or feather. It is fairly heavily scented (sort of a sweet floral scent) I actually don't mind the scent/taste, but I always like to mention it's presence in case someone is sensitive to fragrance. Bottom line: the color was a surprise, but in the end it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless! The formula is divine if you like a glossier lipstick, I highly recommend, especially for Fall!

Smells great but doesn't remove tough makeup

I really wanted to love this product but it was really just average. It did not effectively remove long-wearing or waterproof makeup, and I had a tough time removing any sort of mascara. On days when I've worn a full face, I must use a separate cleanser and then use this afterward to remove any residual makeup or cleanser. I can't say it's a waste though, on days when I go bare faced, it's a good cleanser to swipe and go before my nighttime skincare. It's not expensive so I don't feel as if it's a complete bust. I have aging dry skin that's very prone to dehydration, and although it feels refreshing upon application, this product didn't do much in the way of hydration. I might repurchase because like I said, it's good for quick days/nights when I don't have a lot of makeup to remove, but it's definitely not a "one and done" cleanser for me.


This product is absolute glowy gorgeousness! Not a glitter bomb at all and no disco-ball effect here, just refined warm rosegold glow! I've been layering it with other Cellularose Blush Glaces and also wearing it alone for a sheer wash of color on lighter makeup days. I'm middle aged and have some fine lines-pores, and they're not accentuated at all by this product. Worn alone, it's a beautiful healthy flush...watercolor is the perfect description. It feels wonderful on my dry skin, as it's wonderfully hydrating...I'm tempted to buy a backup because now that I have it, I never want to be without!

Gorgeous All Around!

I adore By Terry base products and skincare and this is no exception. I love the scent of roses, especially during my morning skin routine! This oil is silky, not greasy at all, absorbs quickly, and a little goes a long way. I've only been using it for a short time, but I've already noticed a marked improvement in the softness of my skin and it has helped stifle my dehydration. The Ingredients in Huile de Rose are nothing short of divine and it feels positively weightless on the skin. It's hydrating without being heavy and I believe it would work well for all skin types. Combo or oily skins my find it particularly suitable because it's hydrating without all the shine of heavier oils. Again, I can't even stress how lightweight Huile de Rose is...I've never used an oil that feels so nourishing yet doesn't make my face a temporary oil slick! This instillation from By Terry is truly wonderful on so many levels. If you aren't sensitive to scented products, I highly recommend this to all skin types looking for a nourishing and luxe skin treat!

Cooler toned and gorgeous!

I am roughly n/nc23 but have a lot of freckles that make many bronzers look orangey...Tropical Nights is absolutely perfect because it's cooler and has beautiful "bricky" undertones rather than being warm or orangey. It does have shimmer, but it's classic KA shimmer that's glowy yet refined and is appropriate for days or nights. This bronzer is also extremely versatile because of it's ombre color composition...the top section makes a gorgeous cheekbone highlighter when used alone, and all the shades swirled together make the most gorgeous sunlit glow I have ever seen. It also seems to have a smoothing effect on my aging skin and makes the pores on my nose less noticeable! It gives a "just in from the sun" sort of flush, it's very pigmented though so being lighter toned I have to use a lighter hand but it's still so very easy to use. I wouldn't call the texture soft or buttery...but it's not chalky or powdery's texture just somehow works for it and KA named it perfectly when he used the words "Celestial Bronzing Veil" because that's exactly what it is. I never thought I'd say I love a bronzer...but I truly do love this one!

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