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Bad Fit For My Skin

I have mature skin that is on the dry side, so I thought this would be good for me...sadly it was not. Despite it’s super rich consistency, it dried my skin and made my face feel parched by morning. No matter how little I used, it felt heavy and suffocating on my skin when I applied it, and it also takes a very long time to absorb. Just not a good fit for me on any level. Lastly, I don’t understand why The Ordinary doesn’t put it’s VitaminC products in airless pumps. They save on mess, prevent wasted product, and keep potent actives from being exposed to light and air.

Awful for Dry or Mature Skin

This is by far the worst product I have purchased in over 2 years. It didn’t hydrate or illuminate, it made my under eye area uncomfortably dry, accentuated every fine line, and even caused a few I don’t normally have. It looked dull and cakey even when I used a minuscule amount...and forget building it up, that just creates a bigger disaster. It lifts and disturbs all the foundation around it, making it separate and sit on the skin, and nothing is able to be blended back to normal at that point. I tried using it to touch up around my nose, and that turned out very badly also. Within hours it looked dry, cakey, and make me flaky! I hate writing bad reviews...I tried this so many different ways trying to get it to work, but it was a huge fail. No matter what I wore underneath or on top, it was horrible. If you have zero fine lines and oilier skin, this may be ok for you, but if you are aging or dry, save your money and stay far away.


I was so excited for this to arrive, I hoped the mattes would be pigmented and lovely like in the Preciosity Parti-Pris palette, but unfortunately they are not. The matte shades are very sheer and somewhat dusty, I had to build and build to get them to be visible on my NW15 skin. The dark brown matte on the far right end was the best, it applied ok, but I still had to supplement a dark shade from another palette to define my outer V. The shimmers are gorgeous...complex and buttery but without fallout, however, they just do not last on my eyes no matter what primer I use. Two hours after application, the shimmer had nearly faded completely, I even tried wearing them over glitter glue and using a setting spray. Inglot Duraline was the best to make them last, I had to mix and with the Duraline and use a flat, stiff, synthetic brush to pat onto my moveable lid.. The pan design, while pretty, was kind of a pain. The inner squares are quite tiny (smaller than a dime) and the outer matte squares made It hrd for me to dip in any sort of blending brush bigger than a Hakuhodo j5529. The packaging is platic and feels rather cheap...I’m just not in love with this palette overall. It had lots of potential, but in the end just didn’t deliver.

Very Disappointed

Tom Ford. REALLY? Let me first say, I LOVE his shadow quads and cream shadows...I expected these singles to be the creme de la creme, especially at this price point. Well they certainly are not. The packaging is cumbersome and difficult to open if you have even slight fingernails...beautiful to look at but it’s all fashion and no function. The suede shades are super sheer and dry, they apply patchy and wear off in a few short hours even with my favorite primer. The Paillette shades are chunky messes, full of fallout, no pigment (toppers I’m guessing...but even mediocre for that purpose). The Vinyl shades are *ok*, a bit more pigment and smoother than Suede or Paillette, but finicky to apply and don’t last no matter the primer used underneath. I even tried setting them with spray, they still fade quickly. I am so disappointed in these, I bought eight shades and all of mine got returned, they’re not worth the money at all.


These powders are positively divine. They’re incredibly finely milled, so they apply effortlessly and meld with the skin in a way that makes them totally imperceptible...they literally blend in and look like beautiful, perfect, skin, and the design makes them extremely versatile. The outer ring is matte but not flat or dull, and the inner circle is luminous and glowy but not over the top or metallic. There is no visible shimmer, just gorgeous, ethereal, glow. Each part can be used alone or they can be mixed, allowing you to customize the finish to your specific wants or needs. I can’t even begin to describe how smooth these powders apply and how easily they blend...they truly are effortless! I am aging and at the point where some powder products can accentuate my fine lines or dry skin. I’ve felt infinitely better about my makeup since I began using these...I use #3-Apricot Glow, to add a subtle/overall warmth and glow to my NW15 skin, #4-Beige Nude to lightly contour, #5-Amber Light and #7-Sun Desire as blushes, and #8-Mocha Fizz as bronzer. As dark as #8 looks in the pan, it’s totally wearable because of the powder’s ability to be blended out so nicely. They last until I wash them off at day’s end, don’t feel the least bit dry, and never ever look cakey. Terry knocked it out of the park with these dual powders and I am ecstatic that they’re permanent and not limited edition! I definitely see myself keeping backups on hand so I don’t run out!

Holy Grail Eyeliner!

By Terry Ombré Blackstars are my absolute favorite cream/stick eyeshadows, so when the Stylo Blackstars launched, I couldn't wait to try them! The Stylo I purchased doesn't have the blendability my Ombré Blackstars possess. They can be slightly smudged, but only if you work mega my case, this is a good thing because I bought the Stylo to use primarily as a liner. I have Tasty Truffle, and it's beautifully pigmented, applies smooth, doesn't tug, and best of all, it wears better and longer than ANY of my other liners (including my MJ Highliners, which I thought couldn't be beat). It doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes at all, even though it does have some shimmer. We have very humid summers where I live, I also have watery eyes and age has blessed me with terrible hot flashes. I was stunned that the Stylo stayed put on both my lash and didn't migrate, fade, or "stamp" onto my hooded lids. I've worn it every day since it arrived now, and I'm so excited to get all the available shades. I hope these are around for a long, long time, because I've found my holy grail eyeliner!

Love!! (A little goes a long way!)

I have seen people complain about pilling with this serum. I also had that issue until I figured out I was using far too much and I needed to let it sink in for a few minutes before applying another product. Even a half-dropper full was a too much, so I use just a few drops and wait for about 5-7 minutes before my next product...that does the trick and I have zero issues with pilling. That aside, this product is fantastic! I have noticed the dullness has faded from my winter skin, all my dry patches are gone, and my face just has a certain glow. I haven't been using it long enough to see results with elasticity but I am extremely happy thus far. It's lightweight, gentle, and feels refreshing on my skin. Another win from The Ordinary!


Finally a daily Lactic Acid treatment that doesn't dehydrate or irritate my sensitive skin! I use this product every night before bed. I apply it right after my toner but before my other water-based serum (The Ordinary Buffet). It doesn't over-dry my skin either, which is important because my skin is aging and already prone to dryness. It's thin, absorbs quickly, and plays well with my other skincare. It keeps my skin smooth, bright, and free of clogs, but doesn't cause flaking or peeling...a major win and a must-have for me!

Fantastic for Dry skin!

The texture of this cream has me totally in love. Just out of the tube it feels rich and fairly thick, but not heavy, greasy, or loaded with silicones. It is nourishing and moisturizing, and despite it's rich consistency, is amazingly light feeling and absorbs quickly. My fave is left dsoft, adequately moisturized, and comfortable. It doesn't have the best scent...but I imagine that is due to the absence of perfumey ingredients, for which I am grateful! Fortunately, the not-so-awesome scent vanishes immediately...I couldn't detect it whatsoever once the cream left my hands and was on my face. I have aging skin that is prone to dryness and this cream was an instant love for me. I think this will be wonderful for folks with normal-to-dry and/or mature skin!


I was nervous about Afterglow because last year's Afternooner didn't thrill me...but I'm so glad I took the plunge and got this year's trio! It looks a little scary in the compact, but I'm pretty pale and it comes together beautifully on my NW10-15 skin. The blush and bronzer are matte but not flat by any stretch, and the highlighter is glowy, smooth, and not over the top at all. I've used the shades separately and swirled them together, and I think my favorite way is to use the bronzer by itself but mix the blush and highlight shades. The bronzer gives summer warmth, and the blush+highlighter gives the cheeks a gorgeous glowy flush. I'm not usually big on "suits all skintones" but I really think Tom Ford may have pulled it off this time. Afterglow looks equally lovely on my fair-neutral skin and my sister's medium-olive skin. The pigment is fantastic, blendability is on may appear that similar trios exist, but after using this one I'm confident saying this one is the creme de la creme!

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