Beauty Product Reviews

Glowy Gorgeousness

This foundation is hands down one of the most beautiful bases I’ve ever worn. I have mature, dry skin, so a base wearing beautifully on me is a tall order, however, this one does not disappoint! Coverage is light to medium and it blends effortlessly, literally melting into the skin. The finish is dewy but not greasy, and it lends a smooth, healthy appearance to my skin despite all my fine lines and signs of aging. It feels nourishing yet lightweight, doesn’t accentuate pores or’s absolutely perfect for what I need in a foundation. I wear it over a few drops of face oil, and it still lasts all day while keeping it’s beautiful finish. I’m 100% in love and so happy to enjoy wearing foundation once again! For reference, I have light skin with pink-bordering-peachy undertones and shade 134 is my perfect match!

So Hopeful!

I was so hopeful for this, as I typically love Tom Ford products, especially the foundations. It applies beautifully and blends easily, the coverage is a solid medium and can be built up to nearly full, the finish is beautifully luminous without being shiny or is more a pearly gossamer-like effect. Be aware if you’re sensitive to fragrance or lavender, this one does strongly smell of lavender but it fades after a few minutes. Unfortunately, despite the luminous finish, this foundation makes my skin feel very dry and tight after an hour or so, and my pores become very visible. Because of the dryness, my fine lines become very apparent as well, which is the opposite of what I hoped for with this formula. My skin is mature and typically in the normal-to-dry range, but sadly even after trying various primers and amping up my skincare, something in this formula still dries me out badly. I wear shade 3.5 Ivory Rose in this one, but I’m typically in the 1.5-2.0 range of TF foundations. I will say, the wear time is fabulous and it stays on even through a trip to the gym! I hate that it doesn’t work with my skin chemistry, because otherwise, it’s a beautiful foundation!

Soft, Moisturized, Hydrated Skin

I frequently read about the skincare benefits of squalane, especially for folks like me who have skin prone to dehydration, because it mimics our body’s natural sebum and locks in hydration. However, in the past, I’ve tried several squalane-based oils and even plain squalane, and didn’t have much luck. They were either so watery they didn’t help at all, or they felt nice for about an hour and then my skin would feel parched again. When I decided to dive into Good Molecules, I originally got this to mix with the vitamin C powder, I figured I’d make my own DIY version of the squalane-based C-serums currently on the market. To my surprise, not only does this work well with the vitaminC powder, but it also works wonders without it on the nights in between using vitC. I use GM squalane both AM/PM, and my skin stays soft, hydrated, and moisturized. This squalane isn’t heavy or greasy, but it’s substantial enough to moisturize the skin and prevent hydration loss. It also absorbs quickly, which is another big plus! I don’t know how they did it or what they do different, but this one works for me without a doubt! (if you’ve caught any of my other Good Molecules reviews, you’ll find this to be a common theme). My only wish is it for it to come in a larger size lol! Not for more product (although it would be a plus!), but because my clumsy self has a hard time with those tiny droppers and bottles on occasion. Not a deal breaker though, I’m ok with the tiny bottles because the product inside is stellar!!

Blown Away!

I’m in my 40’s...up until about 10 years ago, I was not kind to my skin and it’s most definitely showing now. I don’t expect miracles from topical skincare, I know some things can only be fixed with more intense measures, but I’ve forever wanted a serum which would simply brighten my skin and make it appear healthier from within instead of using shimmer or tint to mask the tiredness. I’ve been through countless anti-aging/peptide serums and most did absolutely nothing, not even the crazy expensive ones! Plus I have a nasty sensitivity to denatured alcohol, so I have to be careful to choose products without bad alcohols. I decided to give this Super Petide Serum a try, and I’m absolutely thrilled I gave it a chance! It gives my skin that look of health and vitality I’ve wanted for so long! Of course lifestyle changes such as staying hydrated, and a good, healthy diet have been helpful also, but this serum has made all the the cherry on top of it all! My skin looking healthy and glowy makes my fine (and not-so-fine) lines look less conspicuous, and I’ve noticed my makeup also looks much better since I’ve been using this serum. It’s not super watery but not exactly a gel either, it’s right in between. It absorbs quickly and goes very nicely with the rest of my skincare (which, incidentally, includes several Good Molecules items now lol!). It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all and it doesn’t pill when I apply products over top. You absolutely cannot beat the price either! You know the old adage: Where have you been all my life? Well that’s how I feel about this Super Peptide Serum and I’m beyond glad I finally gave it a try!


Although the name is a bit misleading (it’s neither violet nor silver for the most part), this shade is gorgeous and so is the formula! The color is primarily a very warm coppery bronze BUT, in certain lighting, I can see the ever so slight undertone of violet peeking thru. It really is the weirdest thing...not visible when looking directly at the product, it’s almost like a super, super subtle violet cast that needs just the right lighting to be even subtly visible (you can see what I mean in my photo, verrrrry subtly in the heavier swatch on the right). The formula is fantastic. It’s very fluid and a little goes a long way. It goes on very “wet” and takes 30 seconds or so to dry down, which provides time to blend (which they also do nicely). There is no tackiness once completely dry, and over primer I get around 9 hours of wear before some fading happens. If I’m sweating, naturally they do fade more quickly. I definitely recommend primer though, I have oily lids and without primer, they started to crease and separate fairly quickly. Another thing I’ve found is, if applied too thick, some flaking did occur. However, these are billed as a sheer shadow and are meant to be applied as such, so I can’t hardly hold that against it. I also love taking these shadows along my lower lash line and blend with my liner to give my bottom lid some pizazz! I’m super happy with this formula and I hope he decides to make more shades in the future!


I absolutely adore this formula and the design! I have thinner lips, and love the way these sort of automatically create that ombré look that makes my lips look fuller while giving them dimension. I find the formula quite comfortable, as it doesn’t dry my lips out as the day glides on easily, doesn’t pull or tug, and doesn’t feather. It also doesn’t migrate into the fine lines around my lips, which is a huge plus! I find these invaluable for those moments when I don’t have time for a full-on lip liner and lipstick routine, but still need to look polished!

A Foundation Dream Come True

What a relief!! After all the searching, all the money spent, all the trials and fails, I have finally found a foundation I look forward to wearing! I’m in my 40’s, have visible signs of aging, and normal-to-dry skin. I was to the point where I began to loathe putting on makeup... having to check to see if my foundation creased in my lines, feeling my face dry out as the day progressed, and knowing if I had a hot flash it was all going to heck in a handbasket. Enter: Sisley-Paris Phyto-Blanc has been a game-changer for me on so many levels! Yes it’s spendy, but worth every penny. The finish is beautifully luminous without looking greasy, and it feels wonderful on the skin, almost like I’m applying a light moisturizer. So far, I like it best on its own with no primer, and even still it doesn’t crease in my lines, not even my forehead furrows. It stays put all day, doesn’t transfer or migrate and doesn’t vanish after I sweat, yet the finish stays beautiful and even-toned. I have mature skin, so setting powders are not my friend, but I don’t even need one for longevity with this foundation. It truly does brighten my complexion and lend a healthy glow to my dull, winter skin. Coverage is light but easily builds to the lighter side of medium, and I’ve found ymy fingers to be the best method of application. I’ve discovered I have to let the foundation rest on my skin for just a few minutes after applying, but during that few minutes, it melds with my skin and the magic happens! My face looks radiant, polished, and healthy. Phyto-Blanc also sits beautifully under my eyes, which is usually a big problem area for me. I could sit here all day and laud the merits of this beautiful formula, but you get the idea. This is one absolutely gorgeous formula. My only complaint is the shade range (or lack thereof). I’m NW 20 and I wear the darkest shade. Yes, you read that correctly, my match is the darkest shade, #3 light rose. I must say, I t’s very disheartening to see so few shades in a brand new foundation. I can only hope Sisley adds more in the future. Also, this compact does not come with a refill, which is a bummer but not a dealbreaker for me. The formula is such a perfect fit for my skin, I am completely over the moon! It is a great feeling to enjoy putting on makeup again!

My Favorite!

I have this pencil in Taupe, and it’s perfect now that my hair is darker at the roots. I have fair-to-light, neutral skin, and my hair is dark/dirty blonde, balayaged with beige and platinum blonde shades (bade/roots are neutral level 5-6, balayage range from 7-10). Even thought my natural hair color is dark/dirty blonde, my eyebrows are very light, bordering on invisible when I’m not wearing brow product.

I should note: When I was cool-platinum all over, Taupe looked dark and unntural, but Blonde was too warm. However, now that I have a mix of levels and undertones in my hair, Taupe is perfection! It’s not too dark and it’s not overly cool or warm. It does pull slightly warm, but only just enough not to look ashen or dull. As far as the formula goes, I personally think it’s amazing! I have terrible hot flashes/sweats, even in the winter, and it stays put all day without smudging or migrating. It’s a stiffer/waxier formula than some other pencils, but it doesn’t skip or feather during application. The firmness makes it very versatile...I can use a light hand and not get too much pigment when I’m pale in the winter months, but it builds effortlessly for when I need a bit more color during summer. The “sword” design makes application a breeze, and the spoolie is well made and sturdy without being scratchy. You also get a refill with each pencil. Yes, it’s speedy, but well worth the money to have a solid staple in my routine!


I had nearly given up on balm cleansers because every one I tried either stripped my skin, left residue, or broke me out. I had turned to cleaning waters entirely, but then received a sample of this balm from Farmacy, so I gave it a try. I was so happy with the results! It feels great as it transforms into an oil while cleansing, it’s easy to remove, leaves no residue, and it gets rid of all my makeup (even waterproof mascara and liner). My skin doesn’t feel stripped at all, yet it’s still completely clean...for my dry, mature skin, this cleanser is perfection!

Left My Hair Super Dry/Tangly

I’ve tried so many purple shampoos, I’ve lost count over the years. Ive used everything for om budget-friendly to super luxe, but sadly this one was among the WORST. I was so excited to try the Oribe because I LOVE the scent of their products more than all other brands. However, I was horrified when, upon rinsing it out, my hair was a ratty, tangly mess. The Silverati conditioner I used afterward was equally disastrous. An insult to injury, I used them exactly as directed and neither product helped the yellow tones in my hair, which are very pale doesn’t usually take much to neutralize them. Moreover, my hair was such a mess, even with an additional conditioning treatment and detangler, I lost a TON of hair from the breakage caused by this mess. I cried for hours afterward. Just a week ago, my hair stylist was telling me what fantastiç shape my hair is in because I take such good care of I’m nursing it back to health. I only gave it 2 stars because I love the scent and packaging. I couldn’t be more disappointed.

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