Beauty Product Reviews

not worth the price

This palette is way overpriced. It was my first time trying Viseart so I'm not impressed. The 2 matte peachy shades are nice, blend easily and build easily. The "shimmers" on the other hand have a ton of glitter in them, which I was not expecting. The purple shimmer on the bottom right is a pain to build up and has tons of fall out in the process. Using your finger to apply the shimmers is best, but I was trying to use the purple shimmer in my outer v, which did not work out well for me. I think the colors are nice, but the quality is missing in the "shimmers".

hot pink

The formula on this is really nice, it's not a dry matte. The color was different from what I expected. It is hot pink, I was expecting it to be more of a reddish pink from pictures I've seen of other people wearing this color. What I can't get past is the shape of the lipstick. I found it extremely difficult to apply evenly around the edges. Since this is a bright color, you can see when it's uneven. Unfortunately, I am returning it, but I think I will buy a nude instead.