Beauty Product Reviews

Best scent

I absolutely love this scent! I've gotten a few of my friends hooked on it too. It smells amazing. Smells slightly like coconut, but there is no coconut in it. It smells warm and summery and the scent is not too overpowering.

Great sharpener

I've been going through sharpeners and haven't had any that worked really well. This one is great!! It works wonderfully and sharpens everything with ease. Great purchase!

Buy this palette!

I absolutely love this palette. This is my first ABH palette and I am happy that I chose this. The colors are beautiful and I have been using it every day. Every color is so pigmented, but easy to work with. You can use this palette for day to night, neutral to colorful, EVERYTHING! If you're thinking about purchasing it, this is your sign: do it! :)


I struggle with eyeliner, but love winged liner. I can never get straight lines and it always ends up in a mess. This eyeliner has changed the game!!! It's so easy to get crisp, sharp lines. It is so black and matte, definitely a holy grail!

So comfortable

I love this lipstick! I honestly don't wear lipstick a whole lot because most are just not comfortable. However, this is my new favorite!! It's so comfortable on the lips, feels like wearing a lip balm. It's not drying at all and not much is needed for great coverage.


I have been struggling to find a good moisturizer that did not make my skin feel greasy. This moisturizer is amazing! It has a pleasant scent which is not overwhelming. I was worried about the consistency when I first used it because it is thick, but it just melts into the skin. I bought a small size because I have not had luck with moisturizers in the past, but I will definitely be purchasing the largest size!