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I love this pigment and really think i need to get some more. The shade is sensational and not to out there but still offers that glam i love. I apply gently and never have any fall out.

Merry Christmas!

I used this for Christmas, and it looks great for a warm look. The glitter is sensational. I have used a base and a primer when apply this and usually add it to a Too Faced or Juvia's Place shadow.

I would order a lot more if it wasn't so expensive to ship and convert from Aussie Dollars etc. Oh well, that's what birthdays are for.


I have used this in conjunction with loads of shades from the Juvia's Place palettes and it adds a great shine to my lids. No fall out and long wearing. I absolutely love it.

Super pigment!

I totally love this product. I would love to wear this everyday. So vibrant and pigmented. I recommend apply small amounts otherwise you can get a bit of fall out. I use Too Faced Eye Primer before hand and on occasion i have used a base which makes it even more vibrant.

Bit goth for my skin colour but i still love it

This is one that needs careful selection when it comes to eye makeup and clothing etc. Get it wrong and it can look terrible. Get it right and it looks amazing. Definitely an unusual colour but i love it. Lasts a long time and doesn't get flaky.


I would have to say this shade is probably my daily go to lippy. it seems to go with everything, whether i am doing a nude natural look or if i am going some insanely bright eye shadow. Stays on all day, goes on like a dream. Love it! I do use Jeffree's lip scrub and i use an Urban decay primer before hand and find my lips never get dry etc.

Little goes a loooooooooong way

A little goes a long way. Make sure you use very good lighting whilst applying. My bathroom light is dull and its not hard to over do it. On one such occasion, I had more glow than a drag queen at Mardi Gras. Didn't realise i did until i had left the house. Ha Ha. Still, i love it. The pan is so big and well worth the money.

So cool!

Sometimes i like to go way out there (what can i say i don't get out much) so i love a way out there look whilst at work and these lashes look great for that. Wore them on New Years Eve too and they looked fabulous! Love them. Will need to order more of them.

Nice but....

I love the product in that the colour holds very well on me and it looks bright. I love it. My only complaint is that after about 4-5 hours wear it feels like it starts to roll and get a bit gritty and flakey on me. still it was worth the money just to try it. I wont use this one for work but will wear it when i know i only need lippy on for a few hours. Hope more metallic colours are released......a red like Dorothy's shoes in Wizard of Oz would do it for me ;)

Great - but i think i still prefer Unicorn Blood

I love the reds and this one is no exception. I still think i prefer Unicorn Blood though. This lipstick doesnt dry out on my lips or flake like a lot of other liquid lipstick brands do. My lips still feel just as good after 10 hours wear as when it goes on. I dont really need to reapply it during the day. Love it!

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