Beauty Product Reviews

Love it

I've used this in the past and have been meaning to restock. As soon as I saw Beautylish was carrying the brand I purchased it immediately. This tube will last you a while. A little bit goes a long way. Tames fly a ways and adds shine. I use it after I curl my hair. It just pulls everything together.

Don't waste your $

Really dissapointed in this mask. I am obsessed with sheet masks. I buy them from target to sephora and everywhere in between. I've tried them all. I was so so so excited to try this. It did absolutely nothing. It's a dry mask that you can hook around your ears and once it's on you are supposed to massage the top lightly to "activate" the mask. It claims to hydrate, lift, reduce wrinkles, smoothes and brightens and for me personally did none of the above. I'm not a rocket scientist but how can you hydrate your skin with a dry mask? It felt like I had put on a stretched out piece of cotton over my face while looking like Jason from Friday the thirteenth. Just saying. Save your money. Also it says you can use up to 3 x. I already tossed it. Love CT's other products but this one is not for me!!! Hope this helps xx