Beauty Product Reviews


This is my FAVORITE product! It smells like heaven and has much more coverage than you would expect, but looks just like your skin - just a little bit better! Its perfect for the summer and for days when I late for class and need something fast (which is most days to be honest). Such a holy grail item!

I LOVE ILIA's tinted moisturizer, so I really wanted to love this, but it might be the worst concealer I've ever used. I expected it to be dewy and almost watery (like Becca) but it was pasty and impossible to blend out in a way that didnt look ridiculous. It may be a good fit for others but its a no-go for me.

This is my go to product for a "light make up day" (aka every single week day). I put it under my eyes and set it with a tiny bit of powder, and it looks like I'm completely put together. Perfect!


AMAZING for sensitive skin! Even some Lush products dry me out and make me break out, but this face wash has my back. Its light but gets the job done, and its so affordable compared to other sensitive skin products!

I'm so on the fence about this product. When it first goes on, its absolutely gorgeous. Its especially great when you mix a mix of Glossier's skin tint into it to lighten it a bit (its a bit dark for me, even if its supposed to be for "all colors"). After a few hours though, it becomes tacky and wipes off in really small balls of product. Its wild, and has never happened to me before! Would still recommend, but it is not long wear and - if your skin is like mine - it might weird you out!