Beauty Product Reviews


Love the color and I can wear it any time!! It stays out and makes my lips feel SEXY! I would recommend it to anyone that asks

It's beautiful! I love the color has staying power!

Perf Ct for day to day or night! Love the color as well as how it takes to the lip and stays there!

love the way it brightens my undereye!

In love! I am reordering this product forever! I notice a brightness with this eye cream that no other has....#AWESOME!


I just have used this far I notice it's not as full coverage as I thought..we will see

bright eyes!!!!❤

Makes me happy and my eyes brighter! I love this product line! It's a keeper...I have tried many others but I feel this is my one and only eye treatment.

beautiful color

Love this is a nice shade of chocolate and I would wear it all the time of it was waterproof!


I love this product. The color, the long lasting, and texture is perfect. Not heavy easy to use, he'll even the package it came in is well as its own sharpener. I love it so much I bought like 3 more in different shades.