Beauty Product Reviews

Updated review

Being a fan of Becca products, I thought I might have finally found the perfect foundation for my needs. I wanted a full coverage matte or near-matte long-lasting foundation after I decided to stop using KVD's Lock-it foundation which ticks those boxes but oxidizes.

The first time I tried this foundation, I had to remove it and start over as it looked awful. I tried a couple of different brushes as well as a beautyblender but somehow it actually accentuated my pores.

Basically, it looks kind of ok when you apply it, but as it stays to set, it seems to pull back from pores, leaving them bare and extremely visible. In some places, it looked like I had very dark stubble.

I use Hourglass' veil mineral primer which usually makes my skin look smooth, but in spite of that, the foundation still looks awful and just gets progressively worse as it sets and dries.

To make matters worse, any blush or contour you put on top of it is impossible to blend (and yes, I have set the foundation with powder by then). Blush looks patchy and uneven.

Utterly disappointed.

Update: I still find this to be one of the worst foundations I've tried, however, I tried Wayne Goss's tip of mixing in some oil and it made a big difference.

I added a drop of The Ordinary's Argan Oil to mix into the amount of foundation I was going to wear, and it makes the foundation a hundred times easier to work with. It blends better, feels more comfortable, and looks more natural without compromising on coverage.

Having said that, after setting it it's still not a great finish and does highlight texture a lot for a matte foundation.

While I won't be repurchasing this, at least I can finish the bottle as long as I mix the product with argan oil prior to application.

Creamy but long-wearing

The formula of this product is really amazing. It doesn't feel like a liquid lipstick and isn't drying at all. If I had to compare it to another product, it would be OCC's lip tar, the main difference being that the applicator makes it super easy to put on.

The color was as described but sadly didn't suit me (probably a better match for women in their twenties) so, although I'd buy this product again, I'll have to try the other colors.

Makes eyeliner easy

While not entirely fool proof, this has helped me achieve (nearly) perfect eyeliner with almost no fuss.

While I'll admit that Charlotte Tilbury's tutorial video on her website helped, the pen itself is really easy to use and very precise. I was also able to quickly wipe off any mistakes without smudging my makeup.

A bit on the pricey side though and the design/packaging looks a bit cheap for what I'd consider a luxury product.

Rich, velvety, and doesn't budge

This is everything you could hope for in a liquid lipstick. Highly pigmented, velvety, doesn't run, smells gorgeous, applies like a dream and stays on all night.

I'm absolutely in love with this color and have received so many compliments on it.

A must buy.