Beauty Product Reviews

The best eyeshadow pallets ever, I don't use the primer and they still never crease and blend beautifully! I'm the kind of person that never uses all colors, there is always some colors you never touch, but in this pallet all color are wearable and beautiful

I own several shades as they are beautiful and really pigmented, but for the price they could really last longer. I'll repurchase as I love the colors but I always think about how poor the duration is...

At first I really liked this product, and then I realized I liked it because I wanted to like it, but not because it's a good product. They smell awesome it's true, but it's just as good as a regular 2 dollar lip balm from the drugstore.

I've tried several black lipsticks in my life but never one like this one. This lipstick applies easy and evenly and it looks always on point! I own several shades now, as I love Jeffree star products!