Beauty Product Reviews

Gorgeous mattes stiff shimmers

I bought this alone because I really loved the color scheme once arrived I played with it on my eyes the mattes I had no issues very pigmented but the shimmers were stiff and waxy. I think Natasha messed up with the shimmers because she changed the formula. I did keep the pallete though and sold five of the shimmers online and only kept the mattes but for 129 dollars it’s not worth it if five of the shimmers are bad. This is a pic with the pallete on my eyes

Z10 little sister

Oh my this pencil brush is super soft and dense at the same time. It’s softer than my wayne goss 5 brush. Great for detail work or cut crease work. I love this brush so much. Highly recommended

Small but mighty

I absolutly love this brush to give me a cut crease. Its pointy so its amazing to do outer v work too. Its not as soft as my chikuhudo z 10 but it has more substance to it to create sharp lines and detail work. This is definately worth 20 dollars.

The best multi tasking brush I own

This brush is amazing. It is the softest wayne goss brush I own. It's the perfect size for highlight, contour, or blush. I hope wayne starts making more brushes like this one. I only bought this brush but I wish I had bought a back up because its that good.

Such a beautiful brush

Soft as silk and really awesome pencil brush. I really love the precision this brush has. Really nice pointy tip to get into the crease area.

Very beautiful gold shadow

I really love this cream shadow. It is such a gorgeous shade of gold with little sparkles in it. This does not crease on me and is budge proof. You get a nice amount of product and the jar has a luxurious feel. Definitely a unique shade of gold that I have never seen till now.

lovely contour brush

This brush is amazing at contoring cheekbones. I love how soft and dense it is. It picks up product like no other brush I have ever used. Feels solid in my hands and have had no shedding.

Beautiful brush

I have owned this brush for a few months now and it has held up beautifully. I really love using this brush into my crease. My eyes look much more defined using it. If you have small eyes this is the perfect blending brush and its so soft.