Beauty Product Reviews

Not good for my dry skin

This product did not work for my skin. I try out new skin care products one item at a time so I know what is causing issues. I had issues with acne all over my chin and a couple on my cheeks that I don't normally have, even a couple cystic pimples! After noticing the new acne I kept using this for several more days to see if it was just an adjustment period. I kept getting the breakouts consistently so I quit using this. Within a week the unusual breakouts cleared up and haven't been back since. I applied this in the evening after cleansing and before my moisturizing products. This felt kind of sticky right away and was a bit difficult to spread. After a little while, it felt dry on my skin. I already have dry skin so I really dislike products that make my face feel even more thirsty. Even though I have dry skin at times, my cheeks also starting itching randomly. It wasn't anything severe, but enough that it was uncomfortable. I can't say whether the Buffet produces the results it promises since I didn't not use it long enough, only about 10 days. I am only slightly acne prone so I would not suggest this product to anyone who is acne prone or has sensitive skin.

Great moisture, good price

I really like this Marula oil. It is for sensitive skin and that is no lie! I have dry to normal skin, slightly sensitive and a bit acne prone. I can't use harsh skin products and typically stay away from chemical exfoliators. I use this right before my moisturizer and am very happy with how it preforms. After a week or so I noticed the little bit of acne I have clears up and heals so much faster. I mean within 2-3 days a new spot is gone and I don't have that lingering red acne spot that used to hang around for days or weeks. For larger acne or even cystic acne, it really helped reduce the size over night. The moisture is great and keeps pesky dry flaky skin away. I use this morning and night and have noticed a slight improvement in the texture and radiance of my skin. I don't feel the need to exfoliate as much. Overall, I am really happy with this oil!!! I would highly recommend to use for those with dry, sensitive and acne prone skin!