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Love the contour color!

Though I don't use the bronze color in this trio, I'd still purchase it again. For the contour alone! It is the most "natural shadow" color I've found. Only a slight amount is needed or you can end up looking like you have dirt on your face (not cute) The little brush is nice too! I have other bronzers I go to so the one in this little pallet hans't been touched. The highlight is decent as well, but this get is a hit for me due to the contour. Def would buy again!

I wanted to love it

I'm a UD addict, I admit. So when I saw the monster XL bottles I assumed I'd love them just as much as Makeup Forever Setting Spray if not more so I went ahead and stocked up. The mist is very fine which is great, BUT, on each bottle (three of them) there's like the rogue spritz from the sprayer. So the mist is fine all over and your drenched in one spot almost like a mini squirt gun. Maybe I'm just lucky with three bottles of crazy sprayers, not sure.. but that stinks. It did set my makeup nicely for a few hours. But I was underwhelmed to say the least. My makeup looked no different than if I hadn't used any setting spray at all. So as much as I wanted to give this a rave review.... it fell way flat. The UD lid primer still kicks everyones butt though..... just to leave it on a positive note;)

Love it!

Love the pigment, love the colors, the the staying power (on top of UD Primer;) The ONLY thing I dont care for is the packaging. I purchased this for my pro kit and its too bulky, but so worth the pain! So much so, that I bought the other two collections they offered! For the experimenting gals n guys out there, it comes with little cards for you to learn how to do certain looks. Its a great palette for any one I get my hands on!

Its great if your skin is flawless...

Personally, I loved how it felt, the way it lasted til the end of the day, and how easy is it to work with. The bad part... if you have anything to cover (I do), it does what it says.. it Blurs it doesn't cover it. I also have 8 colors for my professional kit, and not one matched my skin and I seem to always have to mix them (which works beautifully) to get the right shade for my clients. So all that to say, if you have gorgeous skin already, this stuff is fantastic! If you have sunspots, acne, or scarring discoloration... move on, this is not for you.

Pricey but I love it!

I work some of the most insane hours! When your alarm clock goes off at 3:30am and you just went to bed at 11pm and you already have bad bad dark circles.. This little stick o magic is my bff!!! Yes it's a bit dry but if you have allowed a good bit of your undereye moisturizer to sink in, then it really does stay nicely. I also set it with a teeny bit of LM Secret brightening powder. Only apply it to the dark areas... DO NOT use this like a paint stick and swaft it all under your eyes, you'll look 90 years old in a few hours (maybe less if you have lines already like I do).. I use a small brush and apply it only where needed and tend to layer it to that days needed coverage. I use Ochre normally but have all colors in my professional kit. They last forever and if they'll cover my wonderfully genetic jet black dark circles.. they'll cover yours;)

If you have trouble w/nail polish chipping.. this is great!

It goes on in this coats, I believe that really helps the staying power of course! But it DOES actually last for atleast a week and nothing..not even SHALLAC lasts on my nails for a week. Revlon Colorstay Polish is even better! But both are great!

Little goes a long way

This has incredible coverage so if you aren't light handed with your brush... you'll end up with a mask on. On a day to day basis I wear it only in my Tzone and blend it out, it just flawlessly evens out my skin without it looking like I really have anything on. For big events and so on of course I apply it all over, just need to be easy with it or like I said.. mask and cakey gross looking! After I have on all of my makeup (bronzer blush shadows) I spray the Makeup Forever Setting Spray and it all just melts into my skin. Talk about staying power! My makeup doesn't budge! When applying it, use a brush or a beauty blender.. stipple or circular motions and your good to go;)

ONLY for oily oily skin or Tzone

All Smashbox primers are great. This one included! But when they say for oily skin or acne prone.. they are NOT kidding! If you have combination skin or normal skin, don't even try it. It feels too matte, too dry.. I'm one of those girls that hates it when my face shines but this sucked the life out of it. Its truly for mega oily skin! So buy it if after you wash your face your oily in ten minutes;) But it does leave a silky texture.. so thats a huge plus!

Love it for already HUGE lashes!

Three points about this mascara.. 1.BEST Blackest Black on the market 2.Great for already huge / thick lases because its doesn't thicken very much 3.I love it to BLEND false lashes in with the natural lashes. Ok and four.. if you have too much trouble with it running ( I don't but if you do.. use the regualr to build your lashes and one or two coats of waterproof on top and it will STILL wash off like the washable mascara)

LockTight For Shadow!

My title there says it all.. If you appy it you better have it where you want it! Staying power is FABULOUS!!!! But I can't stress enough, if you mess up..... well, you can fix it.. just not easlilly;)

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