Beauty Product Reviews

The love of my life!

This brush is the love of my life. I bought it as a birthday gift for myself last year and I was beyond pleased with it then and still am! Yes, gray squirrel hair is the softest of all natural hair bristles (excepting red squirrel hair) and you must take care of this brush, but it is surprisingly robust for a such a delicate thing. Mine still looks like new after almost daily use for blush, bronzer and powder. I thank Beautylish for bringing this brush into my life and making Chikuhodo brushes so readily available to U.S. buyers as it has given me so much joy and beautiful, diffused makeup applications!


This is the first Rae Morris brush I bought and it will be the last. The quality and craftsmanship is nowhere near Chikuhodo or Hakuhodo. This brush shed when I got it and months later it is STILL shedding. I have a very light hand when it comes to eyeshadow. I like a soft ultra-blended look which is why I prefer gray squirrel brushes. No matter how careful I am with this it sheds at least 1-2 hairs whenever I use it, which is barely now because I'm so terrified of it being ruined further. I wish I just got a Japanese artisan brand brush instead of this because this was maybe cheaper but a huge downgrade in quality. I will never buy Rae Morris products again.

Not enough product to justify price!

This is a gorgeous blood red gloss. I had been looking for such a gloss and once I saw the "Ellis Red" ad on her site I was hooked. I wanted it for so long and added it to my cart when buying a few brushes. When I first tried it I was estatic. This is a real BLOOD hur...Ms. Faas is joking when she calls it a "human color"! It's super long lasting and adheres well to the lips while having a not quite sticky texture. It's the best gloss I own but it is not worth $35 for 2.8 mililiters. Thats paying about $8.25 per ml...if I had known I was getting such little product I would never have bought it. I'm getting anxiety about running out of it. I feel like soon it will be gone because I have to use quite a lot of gloss for each application to get the look I want! :'( I'm very unhappy.


Super soft, round and fluffy. I love this for setting powder since I have a small face. I also think it's great for blush, bronzer, etc. Since going through a couple washes the brush has been even better; it feels softer and applies product even more smoothly imo. Makes me want to try the rest of the takumi line, especially the eye brushes.

Started separating in the tube!

This is a review for only the limited edition shade Derelict. Not three days after I received this in the mail, the product looked like it had started SEPARATING IN THE TUBE! Mixed it up with the wand to try to get it back together and when I looked at it recently it was separated again! Horrifying!! I am scared to put it on my lips now. It's very disappointing to me as I loved this color so much when I saw it and just had to have it. I love OCC and own about 15 shades of lip tar and this is the first time I have ever had any problems like this with the lip tar or any of their products. Wish I could return it but I don't want to have to send back the other item I bought it with as well as per Beautylish's policy. I love both Beautylish and OCC but I am very unhappy with what has happened.