Beauty Product Reviews

Looks are deceiving..

I loved this the second I saw it on IG. I even set an alarm and woke up specifically for the launch and had order confirmation 20 minutes later LOL That's how BAD I wanted this! I wondered if it would look like a version of Nars Orgasm or be more of a blush topper.. Turns out neither. After months of waiting I finally got to wear it and was shocked that it turned my face into gold tin foil *insert crying here* I am fair with a cool pink undertone and being such pull the pink out of anything. Not this. There was nothing pink about it. It is yellow gold and looks like a super shiny bruise on the side of my face when any amount of warm or yellow light catches it.. I am SOOOO SAD.. I don't want to return it bc I love the packaging and the idea behind it, I just can't wear it *insert more crying* if you are darker or have an olive complexion this would probably be great.. 3 stars for the idea, packaging and formula..