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  • The All-Star Skin Scrubber You've Never Heard Of

    The All-Star Skin Scrubber You've Never Heard Of

    High-tech skin care brushes are impressive and effective, but we’re pretty stoked about one 100% natural acne-fighting skin care sponge that costs $8!

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  • Splurge vs. Save: Spring Makeup

    Splurge vs. Save: Spring Makeup

    Whether you're looking to spend big on mascara or scrimp on lip gloss, we've rounded up this season's best new products at every price.

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  • Bye Bye, Blemishes!

    Bye Bye, Blemishes!

    Waking up to a sore red bump on your face is never fun, so keep reading to discover three genius products that zap zits before they form.

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  • Spring Trend: Pastel Nails

    Spring Trend: Pastel Nails

    The best way to ease into Spring's bright hues? Try a pastel polish first! Keep reading to discover which of the soft, pretty shades you need to own.

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  • Makeup Meets Color Theory
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    Makeup Meets Color Theory

    Are you creatively blocked when it comes to color? If you find yourself choosing a neutral palette day after day, it’s time to break out your box of colors! But if you’re not sure which shades to pick, it helps to understand the basics of color theory first. Keep reading for five fundamental ways to use color with your makeup!

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  • 5 Ways to Brighten Up for Spring

    5 Ways to Brighten Up for Spring

    Listen up, Beauties! It’s time to swap out that heavy winter makeup for a fresh spring look. But before you dive into the color pool, try these subtle splashes which will make for a gorgeous transition. Keep reading to discover five easy ways to get glowing right now.

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  • Extreme Cat Eyes

    Extreme Cat Eyes

    Judging by the recent runway increase in fierce feline eyes, exaggerated winged liner is sure to be one of this year's biggest beauty trends. Keep reading to see how three Beauties interpreted the edgy look.

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  • Hollywood's Most Requested Brows

    Hollywood's Most Requested Brows

    One feature that always changes? Eyebrows! The ever-altered arch has evolved dramatically in our lifetime. Keep reading as we look back at the most requested celebrity shapes with top eye brow guru Anastasia Soare.

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  • Braids 101

    Braids 101

    From fishtails to waterfalls, there are plenty of plait techniques to play with. If you’re not an expert in everything braids yet, keep reading to find out how you can create each of these hair masterpieces.

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  • Juice It!

    Juice It!

    Juices are not only yummy but also extremely good for you—they're a super easy way to get all of your daily vitamins and minerals. Check out our three favorite juices.

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