Beauty Product Reviews

Very Nice

The packaging with these duos is beyond perfect, compact and pretty, easy to store, easy on the eyes. The blushes themselves are good, not great. I found them to be a bit powdery and clingy on the skin though the colors are lovely and two blushes for the price is terrific. The darker shade is almost too pigmented so I have to be mindful when I use it so it doesnt look too heavy. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

Excellent Mixer

I received this primer as part of my Lucky Bag and at first, I wasn’t happy because I have stopped using primers. However, my skin has become aging, normal to dry, and occasionally retinol-ravaged! I use this primer to mix with matte foundations and heavy concealers to make those products easy to work with and dry skin friendly. It works the better than any other primer I have tried for this purpose. It makes heavier foundation look like skin and flatter dry skin. Thanks to this primer, I am getting more use out of other products!

The Best

I have been using this cleansing balm to remove my makeup for years and no matter how many new products I try, I always come back to this one. It’s both gentle and effective and I can open my eyes mid-cleanse with this all over my eyes in complete comfort. I highly recommend this balm to all makeup lovers!


I received a sample of this with my last order and decided to try it out today. Note that I have fine, delicate hair and a sulfate allergy so I have to be careful with personal care products. I washed and conditioned my hair, then after towel drying I applied a small amount of this cream from root to tip. I blow dried my hair and wow! Simply put, this cream beautified my hair. I had no frizz and no flyaways AND my hair remained light and clean feeling instead of weighed down or heavy. I am really impressed with the texture of my hair when I used this. And most days I start with my hair down and end up with a ponytail. My hair went up more smoothly with this product in it as well. This is a wonderful leave-in cream and I am going to buy it once I've used up my stash of other stuff.

Great Product

This is a very nice product that comes in a cute glass jar. I have hooded eyes and oily eyelids and I forgot to put on my eyeshadow primer when I first tried this out! So it's a good weartest! So with no primer I applied a pale tan shadow and then topped the shadow with this topper, using my finger. It looked lovely. When I checked my makeup like seven hours later, the tan shadow had migrated to my crease but the topper stayed in place, only slightly faded after so much time. No glitter fall out under my eyes, no migrating to the crease. I really like it.


I love JSC liquid lipsticks and I have a lot of colors. The applicator and formula are among the best available in my opinion. What I like the most about the formula is that it dries down completely without drying my lips out and wears well. Christmas Cookie is my new favorite shade, I love it so much. It reminds me of CT Pillow Talk but softer and it is an absolutely perfect mid tone pinky nude.

Very Nice Foundation

I bought this foundation because of our Wayne Goss. I am 41 with combo skin, oily t-zone, dry cheeks, texture, rosacea, hormonal cystic acne and I am a retinol user so my face has high expectations. This foundation applies beautifully with a brush over primer, covers 75% of my redness, has a natural finish and it sets up nicely on my skin. The color match is spot on as well. I took one star off because it clings to dryness and emphasizes texture almost immediately. I took another star off because at about 5 hours it stars to break up and I can see blotches of pigment and more redness showing through. I think this would be great for a summertime foundation.


I received this liquid lipstick as part of my Lucky Bag 2018. I am not going to comment on the color because it was chosen for me and is not my style. I'm a nude pink girl, not a candy pink girl, just personal preference. The applicator is like a shovel. It scoops up product but it hinders application. The texture is thick and moussy which leaves a bumpy texture. The lipstick moves around on your mouth and gets everywhere! It does not dry down at all, which defeats the purpose of a liquid lipstick. I do not recommend this product.

Beautiful Palette

I received this palette as part of my Lucky Bag 2018 and at first I wasn't happy because Jouer products don't work for me. Then I used the palette. It is beautiful, easy to work with, pigmented, no fallout and long lasting. I took one star off because the pink shade is not as pigmented as the others but it is still pretty. This is a gorgeous accent palette and I love it so much that I have decided to give Jouer another chance and try some more of their products! If you love to shimmer and you love neutrals, then this one's for you!

Good Brush

I like using this brush to apply cc cream, works like a charm and it's easy to clean... It is holding up very well considering I wash it after every use. It dries completely overnight ready to go the next morning. I wish it was a little bit bigger for the price.

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