Beauty Product Reviews

Okay 4 for the price of 1!

The fournua is super rich and buttery. Compared to my other highlighters is the most coverage in just one application. I would definitely recommend this to any makeup love let alone highlighter collector. Super great buy.


I use this under my eyes almost daily and it's amazing! Complete coverage and lasting support. The bleandability is so smooth. If you're known for wanting to go loose those bags under your eyes and not have to "cake" it on. This is the best recommendation I can give to you. I literally love this stuff!


Know Jeffreestars Cosmetics are already phonomanal but this shad is different. This is perfect for the ladies to scared to dive all in the makeup game and stay neutral. It's a perfect pale pink that leaves the softest finish. Even the dry time was immediate. Way faster than other brands I've tried. Defiantly recommend this shade to anyone and everyone!