Beauty Product Reviews

Love no it

This is a beautiful palette and works great on light skin tone. I wasn't sure if it would but it does. Well for me it does. I am happy I decided to buy this palette it's worth the money and it will last a very long time. The colors are even beautiful on the eyelids too. Take the plunge and buy the pallet you are getting your money's worth.

Natural (looks good on skin) great for normal to dry skin types.

I think this is a natural beautiful foundation and my pores looked softened, but it really didn't give me the coverage I was hoping for. So I had to send it back. If your looking for something quick and natural and feels great and moisturizing on the skin and you have great skin and don't need alot of coverage then this is for you. You can build coverage with this foundation but that's alot of product and money, in the end it's what your looking for and how much you want to spend.

Lovely powder

Very beautiful powder the highlighter does have alot of sparkle but its very fine. Very lightweight soft silky powder. The matte powder is very soft and silky and like a cream powder with alot of pigment. The highlighter is lovely on the cheek bones it is a very buildable highlighter. The color of this compact is perfect for my complextion. Make sure you use a small powder brush if you just want the matte powder,if you use a big powder brush you will have sparkles all over your face, but is very fine. It's up to you and the powder is very soft alot of product will pick up on brush. I do think this is a lovely powder and worth trying.


I love this glow face and body it is by far the best I have used. It's not a shimmer at all it's a glow more like a wet glow it's just beautiful and very beautiful on the skin. It's very finely milled it's a very elegant moisturizer candel light glow on the skin,I can't get enough. I am so happy I bought this. I've been using it nonstop it's very long wearing.