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This is too pigmented for fair to light skin tones. It casts a dark shadow on my NW15 skin. I think it would be beautiful for medium to deep skin tones.

Yes, yes, and yes!

Totally agree with the above review. I feel like I've been waiting forever for my favorite not-boring very beautifying neutral palette, Surratt Beauty's "Beyond Beige" palette. The wait is over because I love this palette so much more. It's gorgeous and full of play room while remaining sophisticated.

Only got the eye pencil in the bronze shade, Precious Opal. Goes on so smooth and the color is so pretty. I normally don't line my lower waterline because my eyes aren't exactly large, but I love the look when I do it with this bronze shade. Gentle on sensitive eyes, too.

I'm a blusher junkie, too. Can you imagine Wayne Goss reinventing variations on the color Pink? I sure can! :)

not remarkable

There are so many products on the market now: liquid, cream, and powder to create a radiant skin look (including by Hourglass) that this one, in my opinion, only ranks as okay. I actually gave it to a friend because I already have lots of better options.

I'm already hooked!

First, CAUTION: I have fair skin and the Medium is perfect! I'm not sure who the Fair would show up on if not me, so I'm going to say Medium is the right choice for fair to light-medium complexions and, after that, you have to go to the deeper shades. Everything else about this is divine, beginning with the packaging. The product itself is so perfect, I'm tempted to dump all my other bronzers. The Medium has a hint of peach which I think would be beautiful on both warm and cool complexions. (I'm cool.) The texture and quality of the powder is unsurpassable. It blends out seemlessly—I mean seemlessly—and it has a definite pore-blurring effect. I'm using it both for bronzing and sculpting because it's better than all my other bronzers and sculpting powders (and I have a staggeringly large stash of both). This does some beautiful-yet-believable sculpting and I hate sculpting powders than stand out as lines on the face. This is just the perfect sculpting warmth I want it to be.

Sooooooooooo pretty!

I was all set to purchase Cherry Blossom lip gloss along with Lily lipstick, but they sold out immediately. So I had to improvise and I bought (among other things) Hibiscus. Basically because I like the word "hibiscus." I know, silly reason. Plus I rarely opt for metallic shades. But it's not really metallic; it just glistens, and the color and texture are divine. Totally changed my mind about shimmery lip glosses. With Hibiscus, light literally doubles and casts a soft rose-gold that utterly heavens the lips. Makes them look so full and supple. This, then, prompted me to try Chrysanthemum. Also more beautiful than I imagined. It's a slight misnomer to describe this as golden bronze with golden shimmer because it overlooks the fact that there is a definite pink undertone which makes it work beautifully on my cool-toned complexion. Then I tried it on the scrunched face of my (feigning torture) husband because he's olive complected. When he stopped grimacing I saw the same pinky bronze coming through and looking gorgeous on his skintone as well. These really do seem to work on all skintones. I also picked up Amaryllis lipstick in lieu of Lily and it's gorgeous, too. Warms me up just a bit which will be perfect for the summer. Still wait-listed for Cherry Blossom and Lily, though : )

not water resistant

I loved this until my eyes watered up due to allergies. It came right off. Have returned to Tom Ford's calligraphy liner, which lasts through the tears.

please correct display error!

The previous reviewer is absolutely correct: the color swatches do not correspond to the palette names. This needs to be corrected lest people end up purchasing the wrong palettes. Meanwhile, I did purchase one of the new quads: Noir Fumee. It's a beautiful cool neutrals palette which creates a killer smokey eye. The two intermediate colors are what makes it special. And the darkest shade is really creamy and dark. Really lovely.

Beyond Beige Indeed!

A friend of mine recommended this palette. I hesitated because it looked pretty basic and the price tag was way steep. But, alas, I got it and now it's the only eyeshadow quad I take with me when I travel. Pigmentation and texture are absolutely dreamy, and the combination of brown tones does incredible things to the eyes. I highly recommend this particular splurge.

gorgeous quad, incredible formula

Normally I want to see at least one matte shade in a quad, but I'm giving this 5 stars anyhow because the colors are so beautiful. The gel-powder formula in these is pigmented, smooth, blendable, and easy to work with. They all become killer gorgeous and much more intense when applied with a wet brush. They're super soft and silky wet or dry. Going counter-clockwise, you will find a warm white with a slightly pinkish undertone and a metallic sheen. Really eye-brightening, especially when applied wet. Next there is a muted, silvery sage green. I love green, normally can't wear it without overpowering my blue eyes, but this shade of silvery green enhances rather than detracts, especially when paired with the third shade, a richly pigmented taupe-brown. I love these two together! The fourth color is black with multi-colored sparkle. This one is way prettier, a black diamond-like effect with rich pigmentation, when applied wet. For that matter, I think they all become more gorgeous when applied wet. Not sure why I took so long to try this; I loved Body Heat straightaway, but I think I may like this one even better. They're so overpriced, but the gel-powder is unsurpassed on the market, so what can an eyeshadow junky do? Answer: deal with the financial fallout; you won't get any fallout from these eyeshadows.

so not worth it!

I've always regarded a Sisley purchase as a splurge-worthy indulgence, so I am surprised and disappointed this time around. Quite honestly, the packaging is junk. I purchased two shades: 20 silky chestnut & 21 matte cocoa. Small plastic containers, one of which is cost a fingernail to open & the other one won't even close. I mean, come on!?! The shadows themselves are pretty shades, but the pigment needs to be built up. Most disappointing of all: the color payoff is ephemeral—as in it lasts about two hours before fading. This is pretty much the last eyeshadow I would use so, sadly, I'm going to send them back.

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