Beauty Product Reviews

Smells Divine!

I work at Beautylish's warehouse and had the honor of inspecting this item when we first launched Oribe. The smell is so divine. Its jasmine scent very potent aroma and seeps through the box it comes in but at the same time is still sweet/succulent and light. It always stops me in my tracks when I walk past the aisle.

The one task I used to dread (next to cleaning the bathroom) was cleaning all my makeup brushes. It was just such a long, tedious task, esp when you have about 15 brushes/tools to clean on a regular basis. I've tried liquid brush cleaners, dish soap, different tools like cleaning mitts and I would still find myself not getting the brushes as clean as I would like, each option didn't cut the time it took or didnt keep the integrity of my brushes.

Honestly nothing compares to the blendercleanser solid. Not only does it do a remarkable job cleaning my beauty blender, it works for all your make up tools. It comes with is a small rubber cleaning mat that helps break up dried gel products in between each bristle. Best part a task that used to take at least 30-45 min now only takes up 15 min.