Beauty Product Reviews


I like this enough and it is nice. It is pretty emollient. I have dry to normal skin and I usually put this on at the end of my nightly skin care routine. I didn't really notice a smell. It's nice as a topper and I will probably love this in the summer, but for my dry skin it doesn't cut it as a heavy moisturizer. I am happy with it though, all in all.


So, I am not huge on foundation. I bought this wanting to play with it and I had heard so much about it I figured this would be the one I would give a shot. SO glad I did. I have dry to normal skin so this felt great, not too oily or drying, but perfect. It is a water based foundation so DO NOT USE an oil or silicone primers because it will not sit right and will separate. Use a water based primer with a water based foundation (I feel like that make up 101 but you never know). I used two faced Hangover primer which is amazing on its own, but they pair wonderfully. I am not huge on Too Faced in general, but they nailed it with this foundation and primer combo. I used not even a full pump and it's enough to even out my skin tone and look very natural. Very happy and will be getting the concealer next.

Broke out.

Le sigh. I wanted to love this. I thought light weight it will be great for summer and maybe winter. Winner in my book. I bought it and started suitor right away. After about a week I noticed I started breaking out all over my face. Had no idea what it could have been until, boom, the this was the only new thing I had started using. Stopped using it to see and my face cleared up. I even tried it again because I wanted so badly to love it but as soon as I did I started to breakout again. I gave it away so maybe someone could get use out of it. I have dry skin and it’s generally non problematic. I can layer oils, acids and my skin can handle it but this face cream was not it for me. I hate that they put it into all their sets too. I liked Rise and Shine, but not this one.


This is definitely a very gritty lip exfoliating balm. It will do the job but it’s not all smelly good and bubble gum tasting, (which I love). This is my favorite lip exfoliate and when I run out and try to sub with something different I am always left wishing I had this. If you like the sugar and cotton candy stuff this may not be your thing, but if you enjoy a good exfoliate and aren’t scared to try something not gumdrops and rainbows this is definitely wonderful.


I have been using this now for a little over a year and I gotta say I can’t be without it. I have tried so many eye creams from expensive Dr. Jart stuff to cheaper drug store brands to even some make up brands like Tarte, but this eye cream takes it for me and still does the best. Now, I still see my fine lines and I still have the hollows in my eyes that can’t change unless I fill those in and I’m good off Botox, but it makes me look so much more awake! I don’t look like a zombie when I wake up in the morning anymore and it started with this product. When I ran out I noticed within 2 days of not using it because I started to look so tired and dead in the morning. I use it in the morning and at night. I will probably always have this in my skincare routine unless I find something better but that product has yet to exist for me. Love it. Farmacy is a wonder brand.

Literally everything.

This brush I use for everything. I use it for foundation, I use it for bronzer, contour, blush, just everything. The blending this brush gives is unreal. I have dry skin and I use this with my powder foundation and it looks flawless! I use Waynes "Lazy Girls Guide To Foundation" routine (video is on his youtube channel) and it makes my life so much easier. If you can only get on of his face brushes I would get this one. The others are amazing, but this one is the one I always find myself grabbing.

Oh this brush...

When I first ordered it I thought maybe I shouldn't have, that I could just use whatever other brush, right? Wrong, WRONG! This brush is so amazing. It is soft and picks up eye shadow so well! It is amazing for application and will cover your lid. I regret nothing. It makes it so easy to get an even look and to get ready and done. and because of the shape you would even toss it in your crease, although, I would just use my #19 brush for that, but if you are in a hurry this could definitely become and all in one.


I use this for my eye shadow pretty much only. I use it to pack eye shadow along my lash line on my lid to smoke out and I use to make a more precise line under my eye. I am so happy with it. I will have to get another for just lipstick.


I thought "how could this brush be softer than my #03 brush?" But he did it. Don't get me wrong, I love my #03 brush but this brush just takes it all. It is so amazingly soft. Everything stays in place. I would buy this hands down everytime over any other high end brand. Love Wayne and his brush. This one I personally love using with blushes and contouring. I know it's for buffing and it does the job, but it is a multi tool, yet another reason I keep reaching for it. Will probably buy another in the near future.


This lip conditioner is something I have been waiting to try for a while. It is amazing. Rich and smooth, a little goes a long way. It is white in color, but sheers out to unnoticeable when you spread it on your lips. So comfortable. And it has a very menthol like intensity to it as it sits on your lips. It's amazing and I would and will purchase again. Not too heavy or light. Kinda like beauty bite agave lip mask, but maybe a little lighter. I use this after I use the ILIA lip scrub (which is the best lip scrub every).