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I have nothing but good things to say about this absolutely stunningly gorgeous brush set from the way it was packaged and shipped to me 2 my enjoyment when I open my package to see these stunning brushes they performed beautifully they're ridiculously soft I love how the face powder brush blooms out and it just becomes this massive fluffy cloud of wonderfulness I have no complaints definitely 5 stars

ABSOLUTELY worth the wait!🖤🖤🖤

I don't think I've ever been as excited as I was when I got the message that these brushes were back in stock I was absolutely beside myself when I missed the first launch it was definitely not going to miss me the second time around and as the title says it was absolutely worth the weight they are ridiculously soft and just as beautiful as her other brushes I can't wait to break these babies in, I am officially Sonia G OBSESSED! THANK U BEAUTYLISH for the amazing and ridiculously fast delivery as always they came beautifully packaged all I can say is perfection


Of course when these brushes released I was extremely eager to get my hands on a set knowing how her brushes have performed for me in the past there was no hesitation I was a little disappointed that they changed the handle but it hasn't changed my love for these brushes I've used them a few times already and find them absolutely perfect for the application, how they feel in my hand, blend ability all the above are definitely a 5-star rating if you're hesitating or thinking about picking these up when they come back in stock don't just do it!!!!


Loving the liquid metal glow that these highlighters give the skin without being blinding and they pair so well of course with the skin Frost makes your skin look like glowy perfection!!!


I absolutely love this pallet it does not take away from his regular skin Frost each one of these colors is like liquid metal on the skin so beautiful and not overwhelming unless you want it to be, mixing this with the liquid Frost is heart-stopping TRUST ME!


I didn't think it was possible to love brush as much as I love this one but it is completely amazing, from the way it picks up the eyeshadow to the way it lays it down is nothing short of perfection glad to say I have the rest of the eye precious to go along with this beauty, and they are all just a stellar as this one I Give It 2 Thumbs Up


I have to say even though I have to work with the shimmers wet to get them as intense as I would like this palette for me is still a winner seeing as how I'm addicted and I have most of her pallets any shade that didn't work out for me I just popped out and replaced with one of her other Shades having done that now this palette Works phenomenally for me and even if I didn't have her other Shadows to replace it with I still will enjoy this in the summer months to come as always Natasha never disappoints... I attached some pictures of what I turn my palate into even though the original one is gorgeous I wanted you to see my take on a brown girl friendly version


These brushes are absolute Heaven I was so sad when I didn't get the opportunity to grab the first anniversary set so there was no way in the second anniversary set was going to get missed, these brushes are phenomenal they practically blend your makeup for you. That's all I need to know <3


Natasha denona has done it again this truly is unlike anything that I have in my makeup collection so much so that I went back and bought the Darya palette as well and that one is just a stunning as this. I absolutely love my purchase it arrived perfectly package as always beautylish you rock I love me some Natasha Denona!

Lovin' that GLOW for any time of year

I love that you can make it as intense or as subtle as you want and always end up with a perfect Glow Up! ND never fails to astonish me and this lil beauty is of no exception.

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