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Beauty Product Reviews

Works Great for Me!

I've have good results covering my gray hairs with this product. To begin, you should use a magnifying mirror (Brandon make high quality mirrors) and don't start by "loading" the brush with product. The instructions say to start at the arch, but for me, it works best if I start at the tail of the brow and move toward the arch. I've found that I must use a very "light hand" and "lift" the hairs without actually brushing the skin--tricky, I know, but as the brush is moved to the arch, the hairs lift and you can see the results. I finish with a spooly or flat cotton swab (Qtip) and comb or flatten the hairs in a natural growth pattern toward the tail (you could also use a clear brow gel if you prefer). If I do get a "dot" of gel on the skin I pick it off with the pointed end of the cotton swab (Qtip). The product stays in place until I use my makeup remover.