Beauty Product Reviews

USED TO LOVE BUT has changed

I LOVE ,more like loved this product. I once raved about this product and how it was a game changer to my skincare routine. That was till my last purchase of this item. I purchased two due to being scared it would be sold out again and man I wish I hadn’t. the previous bottles the serum was amazing a little went a long way, but this last time the formulation looked and felt watered down unlike before where 4 drops would cover my face and it was a thicker consistency. I thought it was just a bad bottle and checked my second bottle that I ordered. NOPE! They both looked and felt watered down. I don’t know if I’m the only one that got bottles like this or maybe they changed the formulation. I just wish I had a bottle like the first ones I bought previously because the product was so good.

Holy Grail product!

Was reluctant to purchase it but saw that 2 of my favorite YouTubers use it. Bought it & I can say I can’t go without it!! Even on days I don’t wear makeup I use this with my moisturizer. My husband has noticed my face looks nicer since using this! Worth every penny

Best bronzer I’ve used!!!

At first I was hesitant about trying this out as it was a loose powder and not pressed. BUT once I tried it I’ve been using it ever since! It looks so smooth on and doesn’t looked blotchy or anything. Ive been getting complaints on my bronzer since using this and I love it!!


I was going to return this after receiving another product that I thought was similar but was nowhere compared to this. My husband always lets me know what looks bad on my skin or ask if I had or use different items. So when he saw my face makeup after using this the first time he really noticed how my face look like it had a glow within. The next day I applied this before the rest of my face makeup and he asked why my face look so vibrant. I have used this in different ways from alone, as a primer, and even mixing it in my foundation.... all I can say is That this has become a holly grail product for me and I don't see myself not having this.