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Beauty Product Reviews

The Perfect Matte Palette

I bought this on on a whim and I am so glad I did! These shadows live up to Viseart's high standards -- and then some! The colors are gorgeous. I feel they are much more vibrant in person than they appear in photos. And while the limited edition nature of this palette makes me worried I'll run out of my favorite shades, I believe I will get quite a lot of mileage out of these pans. The smallest amount of product goes a very, very long way.

While the powders do feel dry to the touch (much like other Viseart mattes), the pigmentation and application is extraordinary. There is minor kickup (I find the kickup amount the same as their smaller 12-pan palettes), and the powders blend out like a dream. A few colors appear similar in the pan, but once applied on the eyes I notice a significant distinction.

The bright pink/fuchsia in particular is absolutely stunning! I don't know that this palette is necessary for non-professional, but it is truly a gorgeous collector's piece. I honestly think I could toss out all my other mattes and be set for life.