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Just as great as everyone says... couldn't be happier. wish I had purchased it sooner. I use it for powder contour and light blush application.


Love how easy and fast this is to use. It's my go-to brush for my foundation in the morning, and that's saying a lot since I have about 10 high-end foundation brushes. I like it better than the beauty blender. Gives a great finish to my foundation.

Best crease brush ever!

I own several WGoss brushes (7 to be exact) and this is the one I would buy first if I lost them. It fits perfectly into my crease, is softer than soft and gives a perfect finish. LOVE.

GREAT brush

If you are considering this brush, buy it. I love it. Great for cream foundation, powder foundation, or regular powder. I'm sure it also works for liquid foundation, but I don't use liquid so I can't say. Also amazing as a blending brush. The bristles are soft but not too soft, super efficient. LOVE it.

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